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Property Deposit Reclaim In Spain

I am one of the many people who put a deposit on an off plan property in Spain, only to find several years on that I had no property and a very tough fight on my hands to reclaim my deposit. I have joined together with others on the same development who are in a similar situation and together we are working with Spanish Lawyers to take appropriate legal action. Some of the group members simply don't want their property now because it was not what it was supposed to be in the first place (like facilities were not put in place that were promised at the time they paid their deposits). This blog gives snippets of our journey and presents some key lessons learnt. We hope for a positive outcome some day, in fact some have had their money back already! The rest of our group are now taking action. We have learnt a lot of lessons along the way as to how to get your money back (and avoid having the lawyer take most of it from you on success!).

Solicitors and Developers Eavesdropping!
20 January 2011 @ 19:48

The forum we have for our Inroal Developments communications was set up by someone who used to run a site called This site was shut down and the names were transferred to the forum.

Most of the people on the forum are buyers who have lost money since the properties were not built as planned.

We have been using that forum to communicate and agree what action we should be taking. For a while though there has been some suspicion that Solicitors and the Developer involved in the law suits have been monitoring the activity although never responding...eavesdropping I suppose.

Well today I got the confirmation from one of the solicitors who phoned up from an office that I don't normally deal with. She said that I should be careful what I post on the forum in case it compromises our situation. This response was because I had posted a copy of a letter from one of their offices in response to people asking me for an answer to a question.

I am now thinking about setting up a separate forum. There are some ways that you can make these private as well so that only those registered as members can join up. I think this is the best answer to this situation. There are settings that can be made to prevent non-forum members form reading posts.

We have used the other site for such a long time now but I think it has come to the point where we have to move away from there. I will have to be careful when I sign any others from outside the present group in case in future the solicitors and developer tries to get access to this information flow again!


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normansands said:
21 January 2011 @ 01:46

corruption between lawyers and developers in conspiracy is what needs to be broken, it is just not acceptable to have lawyers as crooks but practising as ordinary solicitors in any society preying on the consumer. It must be outlawed.

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