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Grannys Trials, Tribulations and the Godd Stuff.

Think I've Cracked It This Time.

The goat is gone.
11 December 2011 @ 19:39

It´s been a while now which is why I haven't been blogging, but Mona is dead!  Unfortunately what I mistook for friendship was an assassin´s patience.  Simba the alsatian killed her and then walked away - apparently, he's done this with the chickens before and poor Manolo was heartbroken. The rest of the dogs (the pony is away visiting on the other side of the valley) including  Phaedra have been feasting on her carcass until yesterday when her remains no longer remained.  Not a hair of her fur, not EVEN a TOOTH!  I cannot believe that my pretty little dog is a Cannibal.  She must have gained a stone over the last week (well, O.K., that´s a bit over the top but I'm sure you understand what I mean.).

The landlord and his  family were over yesterday and they cooked a paella which was absolutely delicious - I'm not actually a great rice lover but the rice yesterday has definitely made me want to try my hand at cooking.  On my own for so many years I make the most amazing concoctions which I repeat for a week before going on to something else and promptly forget what they were - I suppose it´s about time I grew up really but unless I watch Arguiñano (the spanish chef on T.V.) I just don't get inspired.  I went out with a chap that I could never please and after cooking our first meal together I was told that I wasn't a very good cook.  "Great" said I, "I will never cook for you again", and I didn't for the twenty years we were together. Think he left me in the end because he couldn´t afford to feed me anymore!

The menagerie continues to grow and I have acquired a hairy brown and white dog but I think he´s just greedy because he looks too healthy and clean to be a stray.  I am beginning to feel that word has travelled around the animals in the valley that there is a free meal available whenever they turn up. The permanent residents greet the strangers warmly and share willingly so I´m begnning to feel like a fool.

The night is drawing in and I´m going to try and get Phaedra in although it´s getting harder each day as she seems determined to become feral.  If things continue this way I'm going to have to tie her up just so i can catch her in order to put her into her nice clean doggie bed.  My God, I can't believe what I´m doing letting a foot long creature run rings around me. I AM SAD!

Going to pour myself a nice stiff drink and eat the remains of the paella then continue with my autobiography.  I know I´ve got two followers so I guess there´s no great hurry to get it published even if IT IS a GREAT story.  

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Patricia (Campana) said:
12 December 2011 @ 01:29

Hello Preciosa Abuela. Your life sounds eventful. LOL.

Look forward to more of your stories. Maybe something seasonal for Christmas..

Sure, you have one follower (me), and I think there might also be a stalker. LOL.

Take care

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