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Think I've Cracked It This Time.

My family grows.
23 November 2011 @ 01:40

 The landord’s father Antonio sent over the dog he had promised me (I thought he was joking when he originally offered her to me).  Anyway she’s all of about ten  inches from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail and really rather beautiful – well I think so anyway.  I’ve named her Phaedra.

On Saturday the landlord’s brother Manolo who is the one who comes every other day to feed the animals and check the crops arrived with a pregnant goat.  He worried in case I got lonely so thought the goat would keep me company.  I have just moved from an unfurnished house to a fully furnished one half the size so am struggling to find places to put boxes and suitcases not to mention the furniture that I have accumulated along the way. Aren’ t they just wonderful?  These people from large families can’t understand that an only child who actually likes her own company can be happy, but I must say that the thought that comlete strangers are looking out for me is somehow very pleasing and apart from the fact that even the wild boar and foxes can’t get past the menagerie of animals that walk freely around and into the house, I feel so safe. 

Phaedra is a real strumpet, after a couple of days in the house I tied her to a long string and allowed her to socialise with the other dogs outside.  She immediately rolled over and let them have a good smell then stood up and offered them her bottom.  Cheeky monkey, she moped all night when I brought her in to sleep and the following  morning she left her breakfast and flew out of the door as soon as I opened it.  I would imagine that the first litter will come soon and then I can have her spayed and she won't suffer with phantom pregnancies.

The sun has been shining for two days and the T.V., is on again - thankfully because I was beginning to get withdrawal symptoms not being able to follow the quiz programmes.  One in particular called Pasapalabra is my favourite.  At the end contestants answer 26 questions on general knowledge and if I get five in a programme I am thrilled - considering the questions are all quite hard and I have to know the answer in Spanish, it's a real buzz.

Didn't see the Mona (pretty in spanish because she has a lovely face) the goat yesterday because Phaedra and I were out all day (her first outing and she was sick whilst bumping up and down along the track).  Poor baby, she's becoming very cuddly and I think she's figured out that I'm not going to hit her and will now come when called.  We went to the Chinese Bazaar for Tupperware, mine's packed and I'm damned if I'm opening another box.  Anyway, went to the big 'supa doopa' one in Torre del Mar so I put her in the wheelie basket whilst I browsed - just love those Chinese supermarkets - when I started filling the basket and put her on the floor the little mare wouldn't walk. She lay on her tummy with her legs splayed out like a star.  Everyone thought she was adorable people were bending down and stroking her.  Little monkey!  We lunched (most places let you in with little dogs) where she behaved impeccable and just sat beside the chair, paid a couple of debts, went visiting and then came home by which time I was so tired that I only checked the animals' food and water.  The dogs came home after I did, they are amazing, no problem at all, they have a tunnel system under all the fences and go from field to field until they reach the track and then go visiting too.  Mona moaned when she heard the dogs arrive so they went up to her field to check her out and I came in and made myself a cup of tea.  Phaedra wouldn't eat her dog food (I think she's getting spoiled because I give her my leftovers and save a bit of fish or meat for her).  Manolo says I don't have to worry about Mona until she has her litter,  to just make sure she's got fresh water.  The alfalfa is taller than she is so she's obviously eating for at least three.

As a child my grandmother (maternal) had animals and I visited every two years but being city born and bred I didn't have anything else to do with animals until I married and my husband always had an alsation dog  then my youngest son had a Rhodesian Ridgeback so it wasn't until my eldest son got Scratchy the cat and she had her litter that I realised how animals communicate with each other and actually have a social life.  Now surrounded by these animals that just roam around and do their thing I find it fascinating how they accept other animals (in this case Phaedra and Mona) and how protective they are of each other.  Yes, the dogs went to check on the goat and then came back down - it's fascinating.

Going to get Phaedra in and shut the front door because it’s about time for the wild boar and foxes to come visiting and the cacophony created by the barking, baying and bleeting is bad enough when the door is closed and I certainly don’t want a hairy pig with big teeth in the kitchen when I go to put the kettle on.



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