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Speedy Boarding...Yeah Right!
03 January 2013 @ 15:14

At Panoramic Villas we are pretty much constantly flying here, there and everywhere.  Not too many weeks go buy that one of the staff is not subjected to the debacle that is boarding an aircraft, even when we have paid extra to do it...speedily!

So here we go a few complaints about the services we pay extra for ...which frankly are a mess and don´t work well enough in a few airlines we have used in the past weeks.

Here goes...



 Us Vantage card holders really do need to stand up and board...First!  Vantage customers spend a lot of money with you and then everyone stands up and pushes to the front at the same time irrespective of whether they are Vantage or not .

Please make sure everyone sits down and lets the Vantage customers have an advantage.  This means your staff  getting a grip, announcing clearly (and often) the order in which people will board, starting with Vantage customers!



Speedy boarding ...really?   It’s a joke!   A cattle market.  Everyone rushes to the front and no one hears your announcements !

Apparently this has been crapped and you are now allocating seats.  About time!



Now we REALLY are talking crazy!

Yes, they are probably cheaper but WOW it’s a circus.  Just please allocate everyone a seat , stop the cattle run to the plane , people sitting on the aisle seats trying frantically to discourage other passengers from sitting next to them when the flight is FULL  anyway so it’s no use sitting on 3 seats to stop people sitting next to you.

Just give us a seat so we know where we are sitting.

OK, so we have no magazine baskets on the seat backs so the airline doesn´t have to clean them but that’s no good  for your passengers.  There is nowhere to put your magazine, glasses, ipad... you name it, you can’t store it.  If you want to keep it with you, you have to hold it.

Be basic, be cheap but give us a seat!  


Till next time ...Speedy boarding !!!!!

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