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13 February 2013

I heard last night that if you open a new business in Spain the government give you 30k as long as you keep this up for 6 months not sure what the criteria is or if this is true

It’s a shame they don’t invest on some of the long standing businesses who are struggling at the minute

There is a unit in Fuengirola that has been an Argentinean Butchers, a hairdressers all which have only opened for a 6 month period and now it is second hand shop let’s see how long this will open for



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No horse racing at Mijas racecourse this winter due to financial woes
30 January 2013

Three of next month’s races will take place in Madrid and the Mijas Cup on 28th February has now been cancelled

The announcement follows a meeting in Madrid last week between the municipal company that runs the ‘Hipódromo’, Recursos Turísticos Mijas, and the LAE to discuss 2013’s racing schedule.

At that meeting, the LAE offered just six summer meetings to Mijas and a further limited number in winter and September, a plan the municipal firm disagreed with, due to its destabilising the “economic rhythm” of the facility, and consequently has said it has had to scrap its February schedule.

According to the Mijas representative, Lourdes Burgos, the move not to award more ‘State races’ to the ‘Hipódromo Costa del Sol’ might result in up to seven people losing their jobs.

“Hopefully, next year the situation might improve. It’s a fine racecourse, it’s great to have on our doorstep, and could and should be a money-spinning attraction”.

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Speedy Boarding...Yeah Right!
03 January 2013

At Panoramic Villas we are pretty much constantly flying here, there and everywhere.  Not too many weeks go buy that one of the staff is not subjected to the debacle that is boarding an aircraft, even when we have paid extra to do it...speedily!

So here we go a few complaints about the services we pay extra for ...which frankly are a mess and don´t work well enough in a few airlines we have used in the past weeks.

Here goes...



 Us Vantage card holders really do need to stand up and board...First!  Vantage customers spend a lot of money with you and then everyone stands up and pushes to the front at the same time irrespective of whether they are Vantage or not .

Please make sure everyone sits down and lets the Vantage customers have an advantage.  This means your staff  getting a grip, announcing clearly (and often) the order in which people will board, starting with Vantage customers!



Speedy boarding ...really?   It’s a joke!   A cattle market.  Everyone rushes to the front and no one hears your announcements !

Apparently this has been crapped and you are now allocating seats.  About time!



Now we REALLY are talking crazy!

Yes, they are probably cheaper but WOW it’s a circus.  Just please allocate everyone a seat , stop the cattle run to the plane , people sitting on the aisle seats trying frantically to discourage other passengers from sitting next to them when the flight is FULL  anyway so it’s no use sitting on 3 seats to stop people sitting next to you.

Just give us a seat so we know where we are sitting.

OK, so we have no magazine baskets on the seat backs so the airline doesn´t have to clean them but that’s no good  for your passengers.  There is nowhere to put your magazine, glasses, ipad... you name it, you can’t store it.  If you want to keep it with you, you have to hold it.

Be basic, be cheap but give us a seat!  


Till next time ...Speedy boarding !!!!!

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01 January 2013

 satellite change over


Fortunately since the loss of the other channels we have had no further losses over the Christmas period. In fact we seem to find that many people are of the opinion “well that is it we are OK, it has gone very quiet, no need to worry.”The reason why it has gone very quiet is due to the fact that SES (satellite operators for Astra) has been on skeleton staff throughout the Christmas period. Contrary to that we have had feedback from SES that they have to complete all their work by end of January.


You may have seen details from a BBC blog outlining that any changes they are going to make will be 2nd quarter of 2013. However once again, in contradiction to this other sources tell us that the BBC does not have any control over which satellite they go on and when. This is all decided upon by SES. And even if they did hang out until then that does not count for the ITV channels and the other FREESAT channels.


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Loss of English TV Channels
17 December 2012

I'm pleased to hear that it looks like we won't be losing English Freeview channels immediately.  I've heard they are now pushing the proposed changes back to the middle of next year and it will be reviewed again.  Good news (for now at least anyway.)

Has anyone else heard more about this recently?

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12 December 2012

This is all we need has anyone heard about this or know anything about Staff from Spain’s flag carrier airline, Iberia, are planning a series of strikes in the run-up to Christmas, in protest at job cuts and pay reductions, trade unions have confirmed.

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Keep Fit Over Christmas!
30 November 2012

It is already getting increasingly difficult to resist the lure of festive treats and the first door of my (chocolate filled) advent calendar isn't even open yet!  It's difficult to keep up an exercise regime when all you want to do is eat and watch TV but at Panoramic Villas we are lucky enough to have our own personal trainer to help us fight the flab.

Doing even a few circuits of these exercises can make a big difference.  We're lucky to live somewhere that exercising outside is pretty easy all year round too.  So my tactics this festive season will be to keep active but keep stuffing my face, the few extra pounds can be shifted in January!

If you want to pick up some simple exercise tips from our qualified trainer just follow this link:

Also, I'm keen to find out the best gyms around Mijas Costa/Fuengirola so that I can get down there in the New Year and start undoing the damage!

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Christmas is Coming!
22 November 2012

I'm feeling very festive already this week!  I love Christmas and sometimes miss the cold of the UK (not for long) as I am partial to a few glasses of mulled wine.   So I'm pleased that there are a few Christmassy things kicking off locally this week.

I'll be heading down to Fuengirola Christmas Fayre at Ponderosa Bar in Furngirola this Saturday to try and pick up some Christmas bits and pieces.

I am thinking of dining out this Christmas and would love some recommendations of places around Mijas Costa or Fuengirola that do a great Christmas dinner?  Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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12 November 2012

At last the rain has eased and the sun is back although they say it’s not for long and will only be dry until Saturday.

Tapas Erotica is still on in Fuengirola has anyone been if so which bar do you think was the best

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29 October 2012

It’s that time of year again from 1st – 18th November TAPAS EROTICA hits Fuengirola

2 Euros for tapas and a beer, wine or soft drink can’t go wrong at that price during hard times

Although the tapas doesn’t leave much to the imagination the clue being in the name, there are 69 bars taking place who will stamp your card every time you enjoy a drink and tapas at the end of the 18 days you then vote for your favourite
Most of Panoramic Villas guests will be enjoying this event as the weather on the Costa is not too good this week to say the least

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