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Spy on the Coast

Talking about holiday home rentals and life on the Costa del Sol...

29 October 2012

It’s that time of year again from 1st – 18th November TAPAS EROTICA hits Fuengirola

2 Euros for tapas and a beer, wine or soft drink can’t go wrong at that price during hard times

Although the tapas doesn’t leave much to the imagination the clue being in the name, there are 69 bars taking place who will stamp your card every time you enjoy a drink and tapas at the end of the 18 days you then vote for your favourite
Most of Panoramic Villas guests will be enjoying this event as the weather on the Costa is not too good this week to say the least

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28 October 2012

Not sure if anyone can help with this issue, a friend of mine has started a new job with full contract and very good holiday entitlement; however as with everything in Spain it’s not always that simple.

She is just about to get her first month’s salary and due to an embargo that she didn’t know anything about till now she may not get any pay as its to do with unpaid tax from a previous employer

Just wondered if anyone had any advice on this subject


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26 October 2012

The management of Mijas Golf Club has announced that the constructions works on Lagos have nearly finished, the newly modified layout is already a reality and is totally seeded, new paths have been built which will allow the use of the buggy 365 days per year avoiding the past problems of heavy rain, the whole golf course has been given a makeover and is looking fantastic, (not that I pay golf) Panoramic Villas has an apartment which overlooks the golf course looks like it’s going to be a busy 2013 all round.

Ps the ducks are all ready back loving their new look lakes


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Best Sunday Dinner on the Costa del Sol
22 October 2012

 I had a fantastic Sunday dinner yesterday at El Brujo Resturant in El Coto, Mijas Costa.  It got me thinking...where have you had the best Sunday dinner on the Costa del Sol?

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21 October 2012

El Potro is a large popular well kept restaurant in urbanization La Sierrezuela just outside Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol in Spain; most if not all Panoramic Villas guests dine here at some point during their villa holiday.

The restaurant is now under new management has anyone eaten there since the take over?

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Taking Holidays in Term Time
19 October 2012

 What does everyone think about parents taking kids on holiday in school term?  Lots of our custmers booking through Panoramic Villas have said that they need to do ths to keep costs down.  Is going on holiday and spending quality time with the family more valuable than spending a week in school?  I tend to think so!  This article in the Daily Mail is an extreme case but I think it's authority gone mad!

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Ryanair flights in and out of Malaga
18 October 2012

Has anyone got any information on Ryanair flying in or out of Malaga  rumour has it that they have not paid their fees to Malaga airport therefore no flights are available at this time

Clients with Panoramic Villas who have already booked flights have checked their flights and all seems to be ok

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villa sonja
16 October 2012

Just received this from my last guests thought i would share it with you all

We had an amazing time at Sonja Lodge and we're already planning our return visit. The lodge was much bigger than we thought and it was perfect for our stay, just a shame we couldn't stay longer! We have recommended Sonja Lodge and Panoramic Villas to all our friends and family as our experience was fantastic!

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