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Our Andalucian paradise

My husband and I had lived in Mexico City, LA, Paris, Guadalajara, Oslo, Montreal and Vancouver. On a rainy November night we moved to a small town an hour inland from Malaga. 'Our Andalusian paradise' is about the historical town of Ronda, the mountains that surrounds it, the white villages dotted amongst them, of hikes, donkey trails and excursions around Andalucía and journeys further afield.

Autumn 2020 – Seize the possibilities within the limitations
05 November 2020 @ 09:51

Leaf. Photo © Karethe Linaae

We live in strange and uncertain times. There are days when I prefer not to watch the news, as whole countries go back into lockdown, economies plunge, the USA segregates into Republicans and Democrats, and record numbers of CoVid cases are counted.

Another lockdown? Photo © Karethe Linaae

It is easy to get a bit down by it all, but since nothing else can be done, let’s try to spin the negatives into new positives. Every prohibition defines some kinds of permission.

If you cannot touch the flowers, you can still smell them. Photo © Karethe Linaae


Instead of focusing on all the restrictions that we are living under, why not seek the possibilities within these limitations?

Tight squeeze. Tree in El Gastor that certainly is seeing the possibilities, not the limitations. Photo © Karethe Linaae


Compared to the seven weeks this spring when we couldn’t leave our homes and were limited to walking rounds on the terrace or trailing between the living room and the kitchen, we have considerably more freedom now.

At the edge. Photo © Karethe Linaae


Of course we have to wear masks, but at least we can go outside. So let’s be grateful for what we have and what we actually can do, and enjoy that we can prance around semi-freely, even if it only is in our own neighbourhood.


Into the sunset. Photo © Karethe Linaae


If you live in a town that is closed off, use this as an opportunity to explore your local surroundings. My husband and I often enjoy being tourists in our own town. We search for streets, alleys, and paths that we have never walked before.

Street peak. Photo © Karethe Linaae


There is always something new to discover, even if you just go in the opposite direction on the same old street.


Fall wall. Photo © Karethe Linaae

When we see things from a new angle, a whole new world can open up before us.

Wall with different eyes. Photo © Karethe Linaae

Every season brings changes, which are also visible in the cityscapes.


Quintuplets. Photo © Karethe Linaae

With November comes darker nights, but also golden undertones and surprising patches of green.

Moss in November. Photo © Karethe Linaae

Both in Scandinavia and North America where I used to live, this was a month we generally dreaded and wanted to get over with as soon as possible. It was dark, cold, wet and miserable. Most of all, it was colourless. In Andalucía, it seems that the colour spectrum of the seasons is reversed.


Water droplets. Photo © Karethe Linaae

Summer usually arrives by May, when the landscape begins to dry out about the same time as the first spring buds open in the north. Similarly, when all gets grey and dark in the Northern hemisphere, life comes back to the Spanish south. After 6 months of practically no rain, the first November showers transform the Andalucian plains into a sea of iridescent green.

Green fields. Photo © Karethe Linaae

The fall is generally a dramatic time of the year. It is therefore, a perfect time to explore nature, with all it’s range of emotions and disguises.

Leaves. Photo © Karethe Linaae

And when the wind warnings and sheets of rain keep you inside, light a fire, make a cup of tea, read a book, or go on an inward voyage to places where the only restriction is your imagination.


The walled city of Cáceres. Photo © Karethe Linaae

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PablodeRonda said:
05 November 2020 @ 20:19

Great stuff! I love your writing!

ar57 said:
07 November 2020 @ 09:49

Waoo. What a beautiful inspiring article. Thank you.

migueldelnorte said:
07 November 2020 @ 12:34

Such wonderful photography to illustrate your positive thoughts. You are so right in what you say, Karethe, and we should never forget that although "every cloud has a silver lining", sometimes we need to go out and look for it.

cowiz said:
07 November 2020 @ 13:55

I loved this article and your photos, Karethe. What you are saying is so true! We are living in such uncertain and crazy times but we have endless possibilities to grow and to find new avenues for happiness. Thank you, as always. You are that beautiful light that we are all lucky to have in our lives!

marelison said:
21 November 2020 @ 15:05

Thank you for this article ! - Good as always.

Mar Elison
Orihuela Costa / Iceland

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