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Our Andalucian paradise

My husband and I had lived in Mexico City, LA, Paris, Guadalajara, Oslo, Montreal and Vancouver. On a rainy November night we moved to a small town an hour inland from Malaga. 'Our Andalusian paradise' is about the historical town of Ronda, the mountains that surrounds it, the white villages dotted amongst them, of hikes, donkey trails and excursions around Andalucía and journeys further afield.

From Delhi to Palm Desert - My Andalucian Tales travel the world
22 March 2019 @ 16:18

C26 with suitcase. Photo ©

There is no better travelling companion than a good book in my opinion. A book will not weigh you down, be it in electronic or paperback version. It fits into most handbags and costs the same as a light lunch in a mediocre restaurant, while offering endless hours of entertainment. It can cheer you up and captivate you with amazing tales of bravery, hardship, love yearnings, hopes and dreams. Besides, a book won’t talk back or complain, like other travelling companions might…

C26 by Sinnataggen in the Vigeland Park in Oslo with Oskar

A good read can make a transatlantic flight, an unscheduled delay or a long wait at a station practically enjoyable. I once flew through Malaga’s nastiest storm on record, lighting striking from all sides while gale force winds threw the fuselage around like it was a toy. Usually, I would have been saying my last prayers or hyperventilating into a paper bag under such circumstances, but I was so engrossed in one of my mum’s old, action-packed Neville Shute WW2 novels that I didn’t notice a single bump!

Casita 26 in Budapest by night with Nina

My first book, Casita 26 – Searching for a Slice of Andalusian Paradise, was released in the US last month and I encouraged readers to take it on the road. The response has been beyond my wildest expectations. I started receiving photos of the book from all over the world, both from readers I already knew and from complete strangers.

Paul the delivery guy brings Casita 26 to Maija in Vancouver, BC.


So, shall we take a look at the C26 journey so far?


Oslo, Norway

C26 by the Monolith in the Vigeland Park in Oslo with Oskar

Oskar brought Casita 26 to the Gustav Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo during a snowy day.


Whidbey Island, WA, USA

C26 on Whidbey Island with Jane and Marco

Jane brought her copy of the book to the shores of the lovely Whidbey Island north of Seattle. Many a sailor has passed here, as indicated by the local names such as Mutiny Bay.


Brussels, Belgium

C26 goes drinking at Mort Subite (sudden death) in Brussels with Sheena

Travelling makes one dehydrated, and there is no place better to quench one’s thirst than in La Mort Subite (Sudden Death) in Brussels, where Sheena brought her C26.


Coxsackie, NY, USA

C26 by the Hudson river in NY with Ruby

Ruby took C26 to the edge of the Hudson River in her hometown of Coxsackie, NY. Looks like winter is sill hanging in there…


Málaga, Spain

C26 wanders the streets of Málaga with Virgínia

Meanwhile, Virginia brought C26 for a walk in sunny downtown Málaga, with its almost eternal blue skies.


Dolomites, Italy

C26 in Italy. Photo by Marieluise

Marie-Luise had a nice glass of après ski red wine with C26 in Val di Non, in the Italian Dolomites.


Lleida, Cataluña, Spain

C26 in Lleida with Ferran

In Lleida in Northern Spain, Ferran took C26 for a romantic late night stroll.


Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

C26 goes higher with Rod in Whistler, BCC26 and Maija in Whistler, BC

On the other side of the world, Rod brought his Kindle with C26 to the slopes, while Maija enjoyed her hard copy after cross-country skiing.


Delhi, India

Casita 26 goes to India with Vijay and Anjana

Vijay and Anjana directed their copy to the Nehru Place market in Delhi. Who would have known that C26 would have readers so far afield!


Ronda, Andalucía, Spain

C26 goes caving outside Ronda

Then, I took my already tattered copy of C26 caving in Tajo del Abanico outside Ronda


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

C26 goes skating in Ottawa wi th Sarabel and Rocío - 2

Sarabel and Rocío risked frostbitten fingers to get this picture with C26 and Canadians skating on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa.


Palm Desert, California, USA

C26 goes golfing in Palm Desert

A bit further south, Nils and Kari were kind enough to give C26 a break from the cold with a round of golf in Palm Desert, California.


Sachs Harbour, North West Territories, Canada

Castia 26 goes extreme, to the North West Territories with Alida

Alida braved the minus 46 degrees weather and brought C26 on her Kindle (which magically didn’t freeze up…) to Sachs Harbour in Canada’s North West Territories, north of 70 degrees latitude. That is as close to the North Pole as it probably will ever get…


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Casita 26 in Vancouver with Kel

Kel wandered across Cambie Bridge to take this photo of C26 with our beloved former hometown Vancouver in the background.


Budapest, Hungary

C26 in Budapest by night. Photo by Nina

Nina took her C26 for a nightly walk through the Hungarian capital and along the River Danube.


New York, NY, USA

Casita 26 in the big apple with Ruby

At the other end of the world, Ruby brought her C26 to visit her mum in the Big Apple.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

C26 arrives to Toronto. Photo by Harriet

Harriet got her copy of C26 delivered in her Toronto office.


Cabo San Vicente, Portugal

C26 goes to the seaside in Portugal with Virginia

From the very southern tip of Portugal, and Europe, came this photo of C26 from Virgínia.


Tromsø, Norway

Casita 26 in Tromsø, Norway with Annelise

Annelise put on her Norwegian wool mittens and took this photo of C26 in Tromsø in Northern Norway. I hope she can catch the northern lights next time…


London, UK

C26 goes to the British Museum in London with Fiona

While Fiona decided to further C26’s cultural education by bringing it to the British Museum


Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

C26 visits Niagara Falls with Sara

And finally, Sara took a wet chance and brought C26 to the edge of Niagara Falls.

My primary wish as an author is that my curious epistles will entertain, touch, amuse, or inspire my readers. Receiving these images makes me think that I might have done something right. I would like to thank everybody who has sent me pictures. I am forever in your debt.

C26 with homemade lemonade in India. Thank you Vijay for the photo

I hope the C26 journey will continue and encourage anyone to take your Casita 26 book along for the ride.

C26 on the North Pole, well close enough, with Alida

You can order your copy of Casita 26 on Amazon. Follow me on Facebook for new C26 photos. 




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anthomo16 said:
23 March 2019 @ 08:16

I have promised this to myself for Mothers Day thank you

anthomo16 said:
23 March 2019 @ 08:21

Well I have been and gone and done it - I look forward to reading this on my patio here in Nueva Andalucia xx

EErica said:
23 March 2019 @ 09:55

I will order it soon and post you a picture getting a taste of it here in Finland, maybe on my golfing round, waiting for my turn to tee-off on the next tee! You probably meant that the book is available in AMAZON, as one 'm' was missing from the word...? Looking forward to some AMAZING moments when reading your book... Greetings from the-still-wintery Jyväskylä in central Finland, although the birds can be heard chirping and the sun glimpses here now and then...spring is definitely in the air!

marelison said:
06 April 2019 @ 14:55

Hello Karethe, - I am a follower in your nice and interesante blog, and like to ask how I can Order this book, paid, and get delivered to Iceland. - If you send me information at my email which is :

Kind regards,
Mar Elison

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