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Mosquito/Fly Screens Costa Del Sol

Nick has been fitting mosquito Screens here for over 10 years, we fit our made to measure screens to all types of property. You can also visit my website

The mosquitos are back for lunch
08 July 2011 @ 22:51

Well we all enjoyed a nice winter without the pests , well there now back with us not letting us sleep at night, keeping us off the terrace in the eavning etc, well Some of you are having thease problems others not.

There is a lot of talk about why the mosquito will bite the wife and not her husband, yes lots of jokes have been said about this , but I am refaining from them.

Its a fact that the sun gives us vitimin d and mosquitoes dont like this blood, they must smell it , if any of you now the facts please post here......... we wait .

others like my brother inlaw thinks its the amount of beer he drinks that keeps them away from him, this could be true and more reserch needs to be done in this area. I am just going to do a bit of reserch now..... LOL



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