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Mosquito/Fly Screens Costa Del Sol

Nick has been fitting mosquito Screens here for over 10 years, we fit our made to measure screens to all types of property.

You can also visit my website

Mosquito Season has started
25 April 2013

Hi Peeps Well last year was busy for us here at MosquitoNick, and judging from the amount of Mosquito Screens I have made already this year will be the best year yet for us.


Our success I believe is a mixture of two elements

  • Price ( I believe for our quality mosquito Screens we have hit the price point on the mark )
  • Quality ( our screens are the best, and I dont say this with a big head, I know they are as i have been lucky to see my competitors screens first hand, and there not looking good )

If your looking for  quality mosquito screens and need them to fit correctly and be affective at keeping the mosquitoes out give Me a call 647072861

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pay pal muck it up again
04 August 2011

the other day i had an order online for a product that i buy and resell.

ok so the order is for 95 $ , great so i pay my supplier, so i can resell his product. all is well up to here.


then i get nasty emails from  the buyer saying i hacked his account and PAY ME MY MONEY BACK. well im a good guy so i quickly contact my supplier and explain things, i think my buyer had had his account used without his approval etc. fine they refunded me my money.

the next day I from my paypal account sent the Conned buyer his 95 $ back, its only fair and right thing to do. he was very happy and said sorry for calling me names etc.

so we both think its all over . No pay pal want to stick the boot in.

today I get an email from paypal explaing that they have refunded the buyer his 95 $. So now he has had a refund from me and paypal.

contacted the buyer myself and he sent me back 95 $

BUt paypal have now blocked My account.

Oh yes the fun will now start

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Beach massage for free ::: ))
01 August 2011

yesterday Went to the beach just at the bottom of marbella club , my back ws hurting A bit and to be honest I was thinking of going home, but as I am reading my book the girl from the beach massage came up to me and asked if she could use me for some photos, I said yes and got A free massage , it was much needed and realy made my 50th birthday weekend compleate.


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what no sand , In Marbella The real cost !!! Coments welcome .....
30 July 2011

well every year the sand on all our beaches in marbella needs replacing , this year was no exception, how ever this year the sand did not get put down so all of the beaches in the marbella area have little sand and many rocks, and the problem is not just a lack of sand the beaches are taken over by the sea due to the lack of sand. so now the sun bathing Holliday makers have nowhere to place themselves , this cant be good news for the future of our tourism ,we are relying on tourist coming back next year and the year after so how can the marbella council be so short sighted with little respect for the money of the Holliday maker. yes I know times are hard and placing the sand costs money, but is that saving this year going to cost us in a lack of tourism next year. I know if I go away on Holliday and see badly kept beaches There is no way i would return the next year. do you see this the same way as me ? I would like to know your thinking on this ????

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Off to Ronda
25 July 2011

well last week a customer from last year called as he had had some work done on his villa and now needs some new Mosquito screens,

View from rondaThis is one thing i like about my job, I get to see many of my customers again and again, for different reasons, like this one needs new screens as they had window made a lot bigger, or other times the owner or renter moves house and cant be without mosquito screens, or simply they recomend me to friends.

Its also nice to get the chance to get up to Ronda ( well its a long way past Ronda ) as its so nice to see the views from up there, if you have never been, jump in the car and drive up its not that far,

Oh and i get to have a swim in there Lovely pool after fitting there screens.

Regards Mosquito Nick

Mosquito screens spain

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Lamborghini Style OH MY
12 July 2011

I feel I need to tell you all about what we saw the other night, the roads here are bad to drive on right? And we see a lot of silly things people do while driving, I have said a few times “well I have seen it all now” I was wrong I have not seen it all well not until the other night.

I explain: And those of you who know me will know I am not a smutty Guy

We where in a friends ford transit van its right hand drive so we where in the middle of the road and the driver was near the curb, we where going up hill towards the roundabout, and coming down from the roundabout was a white right hand drive Lamborghini. We noted it as odd as the driver was driving down the middle of the road half on our side. But when we got close together, we got to see why his driving had been affected, he had a blond girl in the car and she was up against the glass of the passenger door right next to us, and she looked in pain.
But looking again we could see the driver of the White Lamborghini was, how can I say this delicately, well lets just say things like that should be done at home or at least not done while driving a car worth more than my house.
One slip on or off the brake and he would have been in the shit.
You might ask where did this happen, well the N340 coming out of the tunnel in the direction of Marbella turn right at the top then go down hill toward the sea. And your there.
So now I feel the karma sutra should now include the risky position Lamborghini Style.


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Flies are back with us again
09 July 2011

Every Year we get this same problem with flies, eating outside becomes a real chore, and more than once we have grabbed all the food and run back inside to the fly free zone.

Do you have flies circling your lounge or bugging you in the Kitchen / bedroom? Why not call me and get some mosquito screens fitted, you will never have a problem with flies again.

Remember all screens are not equal, don’t be fooled by people trying to sell you screens from places like e Bay or Amazon, all of these types of screens come in kit form that you need to assemble yourself and the profile and nets are not the same as the mosquito screens i am installing.

Yes we also have some mosquito screens that we will post but our screens are made from a professional range of products and are the same screens that we install ourselves.

Our mosquito screens also come with easy to follow instructions in both English & Spanish. ( Not Chinese )


why not take a look at my website Click Here


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I just had a walk into marbella port
09 July 2011

Well its a bit cool out this evening but the mosquitoes in Spain don’t seem to mind, I get back and have been scratching the back of my leg yes I was attacked, so any body who asks yes I also get my fair share of mosquito bites. But not at home I might ad that was the first thing I did when moving here. So if you need screens call mosquito Nick or click this link to go to my website CLICK HERE mosquito screens Spain

Did any body go to that event that was happening on the beach tonight? ??


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this week has been crazy for mosquito screens
08 July 2011

This week I have been rushed off my feet yet again the time of year is here where home owners and renters alike start thinking about not getting eaten alive ( well sucked is correct really ).

I have been driving up and down the coast like a man possessed, I am just happy at least one of the roads is free, although I do sometimes slip onto the paid road by mistake, well its hard not to it saves hours of waiting at San Pedro : -) .

I have had many of my old customers from years ago call me up asking for more screens / or they have moved home and need all new screens fitted. And many new customers come either from recommendations or people searching Google for mosquito screens Marbella.

Yes I am working hard and long may it continue

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The mosquitos are back for lunch
08 July 2011

Well we all enjoyed a nice winter without the pests , well there now back with us not letting us sleep at night, keeping us off the terrace in the eavning etc, well Some of you are having thease problems others not.

There is a lot of talk about why the mosquito will bite the wife and not her husband, yes lots of jokes have been said about this , but I am refaining from them.

Its a fact that the sun gives us vitimin d and mosquitoes dont like this blood, they must smell it , if any of you now the facts please post here......... we wait .

others like my brother inlaw thinks its the amount of beer he drinks that keeps them away from him, this could be true and more reserch needs to be done in this area. I am just going to do a bit of reserch now..... LOL



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