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Why I fell in love with it

...I fell in love with Spain for the first time when I was 7, that was when I said my first word, HOLA and since then it has been the country of my soul, we had our happy moments and fall outs and now I am discovering my love again...a love that for a period I had forgotten.

And the story continues...
06 May 2010


I have been trying to find the words and start writing in my blog again for months. I feel like I have so many things to say, but it is so hard to express them.
The title of my blog and the reason I have started it was to be able to share with others the joy and the experiences that Spain is bringing to my life.
It all stated on December 2009, on a plain to Malaga, via Barcelona with 4 suitcases and my boyfriend, starting our new life, in sunny Spain. Before that I remember myself in the boarding room and looking at people and thinking how many of them are now on the start of the adventure of their life, how many of them are leaving family, friends, work, the country where they grew up and boarding towards a new country with news plans and a life 100% changed. A woman in front of me had tears in her eyes, probably because she was leaving her kids to work abroad, somes couples were going back to their life in Spain after visiting family and others were just travelling, without knowing what a big step is for me boarding on that plane.   As weird as it seems I was not feeling anything, I was not missing anybody, I did not want my family or friends to take me to the airport, so there wasn´t anybody waving good bye, it all felt so natural, I was going to Spain...the country I have been dreaming of all my life.
I remember landing around midnight and even if I had visited Spain before, now every palm tree that we passed by in the taxi, the smell, every building and every corner until we got to the hotel was new, fresh, unknown, just like my life.
Everything just felt right...this is where I wanted to be and most important I had somebody with me this time...I was not travelling alone anymore; I was not discovering every corner, every smell and every piece of Spain alone...I had my partner with me, the man who made me take the most important decision of my life and who is putting up with me in our new adventure.
Well, things have moved on since that 1st night when we came to Spain and I hope that my following posts and experiences here will help other people take the life changing decision of moving to Spain or at least will be fun to read and learn about life in sunny Spain.
 Thank you.

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