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Why I fell in love with it

...I fell in love with Spain for the first time when I was 7, that was when I said my first word, HOLA and since then it has been the country of my soul, we had our happy moments and fall outs and now I am discovering my love again...a love that for a period I had forgotten.

First time
10 August 2009 @ 17:45

My first blog, first post, and to stick with the title and why I am blogging here ,my first encounter with the actual Spain.

For 15 years I have learned in school and at home all there was to know about Spain, it´s traditions, language, goods and bads....but never visited it.

All I found out about it just was not enough, the feeling was not complete, so at 23 years I had decided that I would pack by bags and go and see it...on my own. So I did...the first step, the first emotion and the first impresion just made my cry, there were tears of joy, but  got to experience them also when I left, sad this time...I felt like I am leaving behind my life or at least a very important part of it.

I walked on the street and smiled at people, asked stupid directions only to be able to speak with them...being alone was also a downsaid...but I got over it...I wondered the streets like mad enjoying every corner, every monument and every building, took hundreds of pictures of nothing...all seemed so familiar, like I had been living there for years, but all I knew was from books.

I took a trip around Spain and managed to see the biggest cities and saved for last, for a separate trip what was going to be the place of my dreams, but about this on a different post.

So...I took the decision of meeting the country that made me fell in love..and I was nervous and ancious and it was like I would never get there...but I did and I can say that it was one of the most beutiful experiences of my life and the one that made the difference.



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