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The Scot in Iberia - Expat TV Documentary
03 November 2016 @ 11:26


Expat Andy Macgregor, who has been living in Spain for 11 years, is Editor at CARPdiem Magazine Spain and promises two carp fishing TV programs. The first program “The Scot in Iberia” – (Un Escosés en Iberia). The second program called “Fresh Fish”. 

The first program 'Un Escoses en Iberia' is a six part reality TV show, dedicated to exploration of Spain, presented by Andy, who visits scarcely fished rivers and lakes around the Spanish mainland. The team catch some stunning big carp, whilst sampling some of the best local restaurants and grub. The TV adventure starts in Madrid and ends in the Andalusia. 

If you ever wanted to see what the peninsular has to offer this 6 part TV series will show you wild and mostly unspoken, lakes and rivers.

In the first episode, Andy meets local Chef In House Catalina Brennan who shows him how the Spanish prepare sucking pig, in an ancient medieval stone cooker. The pair discuss, tradition, culture and food, and sample authentic cuisine in El Botin, Madrid, (The oldest restaurant in the world). After filling his boots with fine fair Andy grabs his car and heads just north of Madrid to take in the sights, castles and swims.

Meeting local Spanish Korda Team mate Carlos Salamanca the duo smash it, in wet Spring weather. With lot´s of fish in the margins it does not take long for Andy´s method mix to get create a frenzy. The duo catch plenty of stunning strong Spanish carp, showing that on the right day with a simple Korda Method, you can catch some incredible fish.

In episode 2 Andy heads north to find the origin of the river Ebro, hundreds of miles away from the famous Mequienza, visiting a monastery and eating local produce, tomatoes grown in the fertile soil along the massive river.  After lunch Andy is joined once more by Carlos. They fish  a wide dammed up stretch of the river called El Sobron, pitting wits, in a shallow part of the river, stuffed with weed, snags and almost impossible terrain. Using heavy short range tactics the team manage to avoid the plague of small fish, catching some amazing wild uncaught mirror and common carp.

If you would like to follow Andy's adventures please go here for more information.

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