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This blog is intended to be a place for all members of EOS to publish local information from your area, be it news or events. If you work with a charity and are organising a local fund-raiser this is the place to get the word out. If there is an interesting cultural event or concert in your area this is the place to let people know. Whatever you would like to share about your local area feel free to contact us via

2021 Best city in Europe to retire to
28 May 2021

Retirement is a long-awaited and important period for most people, it is also the moment in one's life when one may make the decision to move abroad to enjoy life to the fullest, especially if certain creature comforts such as good weather are not that common in one's home country.

It goes without saying that the country in which you decide to retire will determine the quality of life you will enjoy especially if you wish to move to a capital city. A recent study carried out by Audley Village, a property builder and manager in the British retirement property industry, has analysed the retirement age, state pension schemes and health status of 37 OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries and their respective capitals to discover where the best conditions for retirement reside. Among the best places to retire in 2021, Madrid has come out on top with the best quality of life.

Spain also tops the list of countries of best places to retire, largely because it has the second-longest period of retirement, averaging 22 years, and one of the longest life expectancy rates, almost 84 years. Spain is also among the top 10 countries to retire to in terms of pensions, with an average pension equivalent to 83.4% of pre-retirement income. What's more, the country also has the best levels of health, an indicator that analyses health risks, availability of drinking water, malnutrition and causes of death according to Audley Village.

Falling behind Spain are countries such as Greece, Austria, Italy and Luxembourg, with an average retirement age below 63, and an average life expectancy above 82. Meanwhile, in Italy, Luxembourg and in Austria, the replacement rate reaches 90%, in Spain, it remains at 84%.

As far as capital cities are concerned, Madrid was confirmed as the leading capital city to retire to, with the best standard of living for retirees so why not consider retiring in the European city with the best quality of life?

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'Stigma' surrounding lung cancer hinders research resources, say oncologists
17 January 2018

SPANISH Medical Oncology Society (SEOM) representatives have warned that lung cancer in western women is reaching 'epidemic proportions', rising by around 4% to 5% annually with 28,000 cases in both sexes diagnosed in Spain every year.

The SEOM along with the Spanish Lung Cancer Group (GECP) and the Lung Cancer in Women Research Association (ICAPEM) have called for more scientific efforts to focus on this type of tumour, given that its research often takes a back seat to that of other variations of cancer.

Experts from all three organisations say some of the problem is the stigma surrounding lung cancer – patients feel guilty and embarrassed when diagnosed and believe society in general will say it is their own fault for being smokers.

Although primary lung cancer can in fact occur in non-smokers or very occasional smokers, it is difficult for researchers and charities to drum up any support, either from governments or donations from the general public, allowing them to investigate the disease and provide a back-up network to patients and their loved ones, since society's attitude overall towards lung-cancer sufferers is that 'they only have themselves to blame'.

Dr Javier de Castro, head of Medical Oncology at Madrid's La Paz University Hospital and chairman of ICAPEM, highlighted this problem at a recent conference.

He also says that the anti-smoking laws and campaigns brought into effect in the 21st century have helped halt the epidemic in lung cancer in men, but not in women.



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Panasonic, Mitsubishi and over 30 other firms move head offices out of Catalunya
16 January 2018

PANASONIC, Mitsubishi Electric and La Tagliatella are the latest three firms to move their head offices out of Catalunya in light of the ongoing independence issue.

With exiled former regional president Carles Puigdemont hoping for a 'virtual' investiture as leader from Brussels and his former deputy Oriol Junqueras seeking to do so from prison – both of whom have been told this is not on the cards – the continuing political uncertainty in Catalunya and the pro-secession parties gaining a majority in an election forced by the national government means major corporations are playing it cautiously.

Since the disputed independence referendum on October 1, over 3,200 firms have moved their head offices out of the region.

This effectively means, in most cases, simply a change of address and domiciling their activities on paper at another branch elsewhere in the country, so it has not caused any closures or redundancies in Catalunya.

But it does mean Catalunya no longer benefits from their taxes, which are paid to their new regions and would be paid to the Spanish government in the unlikely event of the north-eastern region ever becoming an independent country.

Japanese multi-national Panasonic, previously based in Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona province) has now moved to Alcobendas in the Greater Madrid region, to the east of the capital.

The company employs around 150 people in Spain and handles business relations in the country for the Asian giant.

Mitsubishi Electric, a world leader in the electronics sector, was originally in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona province), but is now in San Fernando de Henares, also in the Greater Madrid region.

Pastificio Restaurantes – a holding of the AmRest Group and owner of the brand La Tagliatella – has moved from Barcelona to the 'celebrity city' of Pozuelo de Alarcón, a wealthy commuter town just outside Madrid.

Hotel group Gargallo, which has branches in Catalunya and Aragón including the Hotel Suizo in Barcelona and the Hotel Colonial and Hotel Barcino chains, was previously based on the city-centre Vía Laietana in Barcelona, but has now shifted out of the region.


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The Scot in Iberia - Expat TV Documentary
03 November 2016


Expat Andy Macgregor, who has been living in Spain for 11 years, is Editor at CARPdiem Magazine Spain and promises two carp fishing TV programs. The first program “The Scot in Iberia” – (Un Escosés en Iberia). The second program called “Fresh Fish”. 

The first program 'Un Escoses en Iberia' is a six part reality TV show, dedicated to exploration of Spain, presented by Andy, who visits scarcely fished rivers and lakes around the Spanish mainland. The team catch some stunning big carp, whilst sampling some of the best local restaurants and grub. The TV adventure starts in Madrid and ends in the Andalusia. 

If you ever wanted to see what the peninsular has to offer this 6 part TV series will show you wild and mostly unspoken, lakes and rivers.

In the first episode, Andy meets local Chef In House Catalina Brennan who shows him how the Spanish prepare sucking pig, in an ancient medieval stone cooker. The pair discuss, tradition, culture and food, and sample authentic cuisine in El Botin, Madrid, (The oldest restaurant in the world). After filling his boots with fine fair Andy grabs his car and heads just north of Madrid to take in the sights, castles and swims.

Meeting local Spanish Korda Team mate Carlos Salamanca the duo smash it, in wet Spring weather. With lot´s of fish in the margins it does not take long for Andy´s method mix to get create a frenzy. The duo catch plenty of stunning strong Spanish carp, showing that on the right day with a simple Korda Method, you can catch some incredible fish.

In episode 2 Andy heads north to find the origin of the river Ebro, hundreds of miles away from the famous Mequienza, visiting a monastery and eating local produce, tomatoes grown in the fertile soil along the massive river.  After lunch Andy is joined once more by Carlos. They fish  a wide dammed up stretch of the river called El Sobron, pitting wits, in a shallow part of the river, stuffed with weed, snags and almost impossible terrain. Using heavy short range tactics the team manage to avoid the plague of small fish, catching some amazing wild uncaught mirror and common carp.

If you would like to follow Andy's adventures please go here for more information.

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Ciudad Quesada 15th June - Charity Event @ Spice Hut
09 June 2016

On Wednesday 15th June Pets in Spain are holding a charity event to raise funds to help the animals in need on the Costa Blanca.

The event will be held at Spice Hut Indian Restaurant in the centre of Ciudad Quesada, Alicante Province, with the merriment beginning at 1:00pm.

Spice Hut are providing a freshly prepared special buffet lunch with Bollywood dancing and music, in addition to a raffle, a charity tombola, and a pub-quiz hosted by Quiz-master Mike. 100% of all profits made on the day will go directly to the charity.

Local businesses have been kind enough to provide prizes to be won on the day, including donations from Margi's E-Cigarettes & The Cutting Crew in Ciudad Quesada, and Shenanigans Irish bar & Hollywood Diner in La Marquesa.

Tickets cost 12,50€ per person and can be purchased from Spice Hut in Ciudad Quesada, Shenanigans Irish bar in La Marquesa Golf, or Pets in Spain charity shops in La Marina. You can find more information about the event by visiting the Pets in Spain or Spice Hut Facebook pages.

Pets in Spain is a registered charity and provides the best of care for animals in need across the south Costa Blanca. Registered with the Valencian regional government they provide treatment, rehabilitation, and care for animals, and provide support for pet owners in Spain.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kind regards,


Pets in Spain (Registered Charity CV01-050123A)


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