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Health and Personal Development of young adults

For many years I have been involved in the personal development and health of teenagers and young adults. I have gained an insight into the way their minds work (or don´t work) and the reasons for many of their behaviors. There is nothing that will surprise me at this stage in my career and all sorts of information will land on this blog. Hopefully some of it will help!

Choose the Right Attitude
14 June 2015



One of the most  important choices  you must make every day is the type of attitude you project to everyone around you. A positive, optimistic attitude will empower you and set the tone for great success and fulfilment. In my position as the Health Sciences coordinator I feel this is especially true at the beginning of each year as the new students all fresh faced and eager sit before me!

Things go wrong the timetable and it has to we react to that defines us.

Build a Depth of Character

The many good and bad choices you make throughout your life will determine the depth of character you get to develop. As you know, your  attitude and depth of character are the two building blocks of sustainable success. So when you invest time to build a meaningful character and you strive to project a positive attitude to the world, you empower yourself to consistently make  better choices and you project a persona to the world, which people want to associate with . It  is  far  easier to invest time around positive,energetic people than it is to be  drained  by negative, pessimistic people.

Choose to Change

Make the conscious decision to apply sufficient energy and effort to change yourself from who you currently are, into who you need or want to be. This process becomes possible for you, when you take responsibility for changing your life and you consistently take steps to project a positive attitude and develop the strength of character necessary for success. Remember that you attract success by the person you become.

As you invest into the development of your character, you will get to project a far more appealing face to the world and as such the people around you will begin to respond far more positively to you.


Your Character is always changing

Your character is not something that is stagnant and unchangeable; it is something that is shaped by the way you choose to respond to everything that happens to you throughout your life.


Choose to Strengthen or Weaken your Character

You get to choose to strengthen or weaken your character by how you choose to respond to everything in your environment.There are really only two choices, you can make: you choose to be a “winner” or you choose to be a "whiner"


“Winners” are positive, believe in the potential and are in an empowered state eager for success.

“ Whiners ” are  negative , always looking for someone else to blame, they have no self-confidence and are completely  dis-empowered.

What attitude do you choose?


Becoming a Winner

You become a Winner” by choosing to nurture positive qualities within yourself. Think of the analogy of gathering wood to build a huge bonfire. When building a bonfire,you need to search diligently for the right wood and then light a flame under the wood, until the wood catches fire and  burns properly. The same is true for building the character  and attitude of a “winner”. You must  diligently search every day for the fuel to feed your  character and attitude. Once you have gathered enough fuel, you must ignite the flame of your  passion under the fuel and commit to keep searching for and adding great fuel to the fire.

Just remember......


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Do You Know Your life purpose?
06 June 2015

Why Bother Knowing Life Purpose?


We bother about knowing our Life purpose because it is  important for us to have a plan for where we want to go.

If you understand your lifes purpose then it will give you a meaningful compass in which you have direction and guide in your life.

If you’re looking to move into a new path of your life, knowing your purpose in life can help you.

If you have a nagging feeling that there is something more in your life, then discovering life purpose can bring into a whole new level of passion and joy to your life.  Finding your life purpose can help you find out why you love those things that you love and also what you can do to accomplish or excel in the direction you want to go.

If you want to make changes in your life then its important to remember that your life purpose is not really about what you do but it revolves around who you are when you do it.

It is not about the doing...It is about the being.


It is the you that appears in everything you accomplish or do in life.


Finding your life purpose is not easy and it is a task that I challenge my students with each year.

We discuss clues that life gives us and no matter where we are in life now, our hobbies, our daily activities and our part-time jobs will all give us clues as to our life purpose.

If  you find this difficult to see the clues then you can start by asking questions about what you like to do.

Many people don’t have any idea about what they love to do. Without finding what you want to do you will never

find your life purpose.

Knowing what you love to do can serve as your steering wheel of your life. If you don’t know what you love to do,

you won’t have any direction to your life. But, if you have an idea on your passion, it will be much easier for you to

know your life purpose. Also, all your burdens and uncertainties in life will be removed.

why do students and also many others experience some difficulties finding out what they love to do?

It is quite simple really  ..  they have never really asked themselves about what they love to do.

Being honest is also a key to find out what you love to do.

One way to find out what we love to do is to

  List Down Our Skills-


Listing your skills or interests can also a great help. Through these, you can easily concentrate on what you love to do.

However, make sure to list down the true information about you. Skills and interests are

important because skills will help you identify your strengths.

Another idea is to find out What Do Other People Think You’re Good At?

I always ask the students to pick out 2 people in their team and write down three skills each of them have.

The most common things that the majority of people think about what you’re good at is positive.

Sometimes, it is also good to be criticized by other people.

The reason behind it is that you are not always strong and good at something. There will always times that you

might fail on the things you regularly do. You have to take accept that there is no perfect person. That is why it is

also good to experience failures as these can also give you understanding or knowledge about what you want to

achieve in your life.

Your strengths are what make you stronger. Though you also have weaknesses, your strengths can be the key to

get good comments or reactions from other people. If you always want to get positive feedbacks from other people,

do the things you love and work from your heart.

You can always fake your feelings, but your output or performance can tell something that will reflect on you.

So, if you don’t want to fail in searching for your life purpose, you should do the things you love.

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