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Health and Personal Development of young adults

For many years I have been involved in the personal development and health of teenagers and young adults. I have gained an insight into the way their minds work (or don´t work) and the reasons for many of their behaviors. There is nothing that will surprise me at this stage in my career and all sorts of information will land on this blog. Hopefully some of it will help!

The Reason Why
14 December 2012 @ 01:29

In this last couple of weeks I have become a victim of  the exact behaviours I  caution against  and just tonight I surfaced for Air and wondered where the heck I had been!

Let me explain.

I just cannot keep count of the number of times I have talked to  students  and young adults to be careful and not get  wrapped up in “the doing” just to survive the day where we create the illusion of motion to fill our days .

In those days we lose our inspired action where we have meaning and focus and that fire that drives us which comes from within.

 Our energy comes from our WHY.

 Instead we plod our way through work and lose the ability to remain task focused and mission driven, where we make prioritised action daily to move us towards our dreams.

Inspiration is a drive, which comes from within. It is essential that we are  absolutely clear about what success looks like and also  know exactly what we  want from our lives.

We need to know our WHY

The WHY is our internal stimulus that drives us and gets us out of bed each morning ready to take action we need to take to succeed?

These last few weeks I lost the WHY.

Why we had come back to the UK when we wanted to stay in Spain.

The reason WHY is unique to everyone and their own personal circumstances. For us it was a decision made to allow our daughter to complete their A levels in subjects of their choice. It was a two year decision after which we would once again leave the UK and return to Spain.

The price we were paying now had a promise in the future and it was this promise that was the drive to propel us forward to take the daily action to succeed even when we did not feel like it.

My daily action was to work on my health blog and add more information on teenagers but I had lost my way over the last 2 weeks. The success habits of posting every few days had floundered among a maze of “doing things” and  only today did I realise I had lost my focus.

Today I am back on track with a renewed energy to keep my dreams alive with passion and inspiration.

There is no place for Regret!

Always remember your WHY

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Foxilady said:
15 December 2012 @ 09:24

I am sitting here wondering why i read this!

Pamela said:
15 December 2012 @ 09:47


eggcup said:
15 December 2012 @ 09:50

Yes, Kathy, I've been implementing this kind of thing - trying to do something towards various goals each day - including approaching agents for my book I've written on 'tenants from hell,' a bit towards my blog on this site, a bit towards Christmas - even just buying one or two presents so I can tick them off the list. The one I'm not so good at is doing a bit towards the tax return - it's hardly a 'goal' in terms of my dreams and hopes, but it's got to be done and it niggles me if I leave it and don't do one little thing towards it (got to be in at the end of January). Of course, we all have to fit these things in around all the other jobs we have to do each day, so it is a challenge.
Because of this you can go through years of not making any progress towards goals and even losing sight of having any goals, but sometimes I think it's a bit like a period of gestation - it has been for me - and then you're ready to be focused and get stuck in. Thanks for another good post, reminding us of the importance of keeping on track.

MetGB said:
16 December 2012 @ 09:23

I believe unfortunately it is this very attitude that has society in trouble these days. Setting oneself up to constantly fail as a human being. Far more preferable, and healthy, to "go with the flow" and just bloody enjoy the privilege of life. To be constantly assessing oneself must be a pain in the bum, and a source of constant disappointment. To go through life believing we have power over everything and everyone in our day is an illusion and one I personally do not buy into. I prefer to put in some action and see what life brings on.

Kathy said:
16 December 2012 @ 10:46

I guess it depends on what we classify as failure.If we have a challenge in front of us and have to create action towards that challenge then that situation will give us an opportunity to learn what ever the outcome. Personally I see value in challenge and have experienced some of the most rewarding experiences in my life where I had to make major changes to move from a negative situation into an unknown. All of us are faced with the challenges of life and it would be unrealistic to expect there to be none. It is really how we respond that which will determines how our life moves forward.

In essence I firmly believe that the
Obstacles and challenges we face are never the deciding factor about how our life is going to turn out. The way 2013 and the rest of our life will unfold; will be decided, by how we choose to respond to the inevitable challenges, setbacks and roadblocks, which will cross our path.
Believe me ....they will be there !

I personally do not continually assess myself in that I look at something from the point of view of success or failure. If I did that then I might crawl into a hole and hide away. What I do is try to keep realism about aspects of my life and keep a purpose in my head of the Why ,where and When.
Also when I talk about success then success is different for different people as we all have different goals in life.
My goal right now is to get two teenagers through school and on to the next stage. That may sound really simple but if you knew the history of my older daughter and where we have come from then for me it is a challenge.

Patricia (Campana) said:
16 December 2012 @ 18:37

I understand perfectly what you mean, Kathy.

If we just plough ahead without ever asking about the "whys" then we might as well be donkeys with blinkers on. Indeed man many people just use the "doing" (the treadmill) as some kind of anaesthetic so as not to even think. I mean, thinking could be bad for your health! Of course they are engaging in "avoidance".

Sadly, Kathy, a lot of people never ask themselves any questions at all.

Sometimes we take on too much, and all too often we live under the illusion we have control over everything. We do have to cut ourselves some slack now and then.

What is totally true is that even the smallest decision we take, about anything, will configure the "tomorrow" (even the next few hours!
The trick is to listen to ourselves (inside) and prioritise those decisions.

I used to be a lot harder on myself. Well, I realise that there is more to life than having the words "she was hard on herself" inscribed on my headstone. LOL.

So, everyone, go a bit easier on yourselves. Introspection is good, in small doses. Over-thinking, I have found, can deafen us to that little voice which is telling us what the decision needs to be at that given time.

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