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Discovering a new life in Costa Almeria

Having made the decision that full time work really is bad for your health,my husband convinced me that we should get 2 puppies and retire early. What I hadn't anticipated was that retirement would see us in Almeria, in southern Spain. This is our story from making the decision to move to our life here. For more posts read the full blog at What I hadn't realised was that I wasn't ready to retire so after 2 years we are back in the UK. However, when I am finally ready to retire - Spain is still in the mix.

No New Year Resolutions
01 January 2011 @ 15:27

Sitting last night chatting about what's happened in 2010, it seems very little of it would have been in the conversation last New Year's Eve about the coming year.

We were in our renovated house, high in the Spanish mountains living a life of solitude and retirement with the pups. Although I was unsettled, I never could have imagined that I would be seeing this New Year in, back in England, among my family and friends.

So, I am reluctant to speculate on what 2011 will hold for us. However, I think it is important to have dreams of what we would like to happen. Without these dreams, you do not have goals. Without goals, you do not make plans. And without plans - you do nothing but let life pass you by.

I do not want to be sitting here this time in 2012 and be looking back on a year without fulfilling some of the dreams and so, this year I am not making any New Year resolutions which will have been forgotten in 2 weeks. This year I am making a list of dreams. Some that we will be able to achieve this year, some that will take longer to achieve but at least will be past the dream stage and into the planning stage.

I want 2012 to be a year when some dreams were fulfilled rather than the year when resolutions were broken.

I hope you all have a wonderful 2012 with your family and friends, wherever you and they may be

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