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The Travels & Adventures of Flog-It Removals.

Welcome to the Flog-It blog. Here we will post comments and details of our travels hopefully before, during and after we are on the road as well as general observations from while we are just out and about locally.

Where it all began....
22 February 2009

Around 1905 my great grandparents moved into Old Church Street in Nottingham where the family then continued to live until almost the turn of the millennium. In the early years they ran a fish and chip shop but by 1921 that had gone as after renting land next to the houses a coal yard had been created and local coal deliveries started with a horse and cart. Of course as we later found out for ourselves, having a vehicle capable of doing other work means you get asked to do that other work as well and so the first seeds of a removals business were sown as local people were helped to move house. By 1930 the horse and cart had given way to a lorry and my great grandfather was "The Man" if anything needed moving from A to B and the lorry was also used in the May Day parades when the Castle Ward Labour Party used to decorate it and use it as one of the floats. Alsatians were kept as guard dogs at the coal yard and my great grandfather even had a monkey and it was usual for his favourite Alsatian or the monkey to accompany him in the cab whilst out working. The first picture shows my great grandfather and his favourite Alsatian looking out of the cab of the lorry, sorry but I do not know the date of the photo. With a vehicle of his own to maintain he became quite an adept mechanic also and began to take on work for other people and the coal yard at the side of the house was used as parking for various vehicles, some awaiting repair, some used as spare parts, and a small van which was home to the monkey.  In fact the repair side of the business was doing so well that by the end of the 1930's an old barn had been rented on the corner of Abbey Bridge & Gregory Street which became Priory Garage and remained a family business until the late 1960's which I can just rememeber, the coal business gradually falling by the wayside. The second photo is of the Priory Garage which was eventually demolished to make way for Red Cross offices which still stands on the site today.
Now almost a century later, based on the Costa Brava near the French border we are almost halfway between the UK and the Costa del Sol, perfect for the AP-7 and collections and deliveries all along the Mediterranean coast, much better than Skegness which was holiday destination of choice back then. In fact as another story goes, one day my great grandfather arrived home with an old bus strapped to the back of his lorry. It was a small bus without any wheels and fitted perfectly on the flatbed of the lorry and that summer it was used like a caravan for the family holiday. Later holidays were more conventional after he purchased a static caravan at Ingoldmells.

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March trip, coming together slowly.
18 February 2009

So, ten days since my last posting, that's not good. People will think I have forgotten about them. Firstly "Hello Cookstown". You know who you are even if I don't. Actually I was trying to pull in a trip across to Ireland on the next run but I don't think it will happen as we will not be in the usual van. Time for the BIG NEWS!! We are expanding our fleet yet again with the addition of a 7500kg truck which should now be adequate for almost anything you can throw at us. While the usual van is good for most things, it does get a bit dodgy sometimes with the load weight and we are restricted when people bring large items of furniture with them. So the next trip is in the big one, I need a name for it now - We already have "Old Faithful" and the "Ice Cream Van" so now this one needs christening... Entries on a post card please. To give you an idea it's a damned great big black thing about three times the size as "Old Faithful".
The upcoming trip has been delayed due to the weather England has been having but I think it is now about sorted. If things stay as they are we should start out in time for the weekend of 7th & 8th March and cover Preston, Inverness (Hi Wendy!!), Tamworth, Nottingham, King's Lynn, Frinton-on-Sea and then across the puddle down to the Limoges area again before coming back home for a few days and then continuing down to Javea. WooHoo, another stay in the Port Denia Hotel!! We may yet be adding pick-ups in Liverpool and Kent to that list but I have a couple of weeks to confirm those still. I will update the map at every chance I get. If you live near the Denia area and are planning a move then please come and join us for the evening and a chat, the drinks are on us.
I have added a link to the webcam from the website and the main blog now ready for when we get the mobile internet up and running. For the time being if you follow it you will either get nothing at all, or if you are really lucky a live feed of our resident Robin trying to get at the fatball hanging in front of my office window.
There are many other things in the pipeline at the moment so rest assured I will keep you informed. Hasta la vista!!

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Important website updates.
08 February 2009

Just letting you know of another couple of website updates that are designed to keep us in touch with our customers and potential new clients. In an ongoing attempt to make us more easily accessible and the site more interactive we added ourselves to facebook where we can comment and share information with each other and we also added a chat box to our Blogger blog so you can ask questions and we can also post information without the need for a new blog posting. Well now we have added a "Live Chat" link to our main blog site and also to a couple of pages on the website and will be rolling it out further over the coming weeks. Basically what this does when we are online is open up a messenger style window where we can communicate with you in real time, or if we are off-line it sends us an email that we will respond to as soon as we can. Also thanks to Google we have now added a link to a map that shows the route we intend to take on our next trip as we get to know it. The beauty of this is that we can update it en-route (WiFi hotspot permitting) so you always know what is coming next. View Larger Map Also as you know we are testing a webcam so that once we get mobile internet you can see videos of us as we go and also (co-driver permitting) chat with us again in real time while we are on the road. I for one am really looking forwards to that one. See you next posting.....

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A quick update FYI.
04 February 2009

Tonight we just popped round to see if the council had done anything about the remainders of the fallen branch and "By Jove Missus" it had gone. Nice neat job it was too, no sign that it had ever been there, apart from the huge scar on the offending tree of course.

On a more social side, Flog It now has its own place on Facebook where you can get to know us, our customers, friends and unfortunately our kids. Any of you who want to give your business a quick plug can sign up and be friends if you wish, I expect the page to start to get steadily increasing hits through from the websites and blogs which are currently getting much busier week by week. I think you can find us here

I have been playing with setting up the webcam so you can get a view through the windscreen of the van whilst we are travelling, with limited success. It works great on the Desktop computer but I get bugger all when trying it on the laptops. The problem being the private IP addresses on the LAN this side of the fire walled router keeping us safe from the outside WAN so unless I stick the server on the dash of the VAN (Vehicular Area Network?) I'm stuck for now. More as I sort it out.

Her indoors has asked me to point out that she is now an agent for You southerners will probably know all about that but up near north of Valencia it's virtually a mystery. Basically you visit to read all about, go shopping online at your favourite UK website or the Argos catalogue and the give your order to ukshopp..etc dot com and quote NS/home/2201 and Robert is your Mothers Brother!! You can find that on our Facebook too!!

Hopefully we have some really big news coming up in the next week, stay tuned.

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Tree trouble.
01 February 2009

We were asked to clear up a garden after the storms by owners that had seen the news about the area and were due to arrive this weekend for a short stay and did not really want to spend their time clearing up the mess. The two photos here show part of what we found on arrival.
As you can see a massive branch had ripped from a tree just outside the garden fence and had fallen inside almost bringing down the telephone cables and telegraph pole with it. The pole was in fact leaning quite badly toward the house and there was a crack in the concrete where it was standing as the wires seemed to be stretched almost to breaking point. Now I am no expert lumberjack but to me the best idea seemed to be to at least relieve the pressure from the cables and then get the local council in to finish the job because the ground is very steep and I didn't want to risk cutting too much and having the branch then twist downhill and take the whole local telephone sytem with it. Out came the chainsaw and I cut away all that I could find that was adding weight to the matter but not providing support, then I cut away as much as I dared from just behind the wires, back up towards the trunk and then gently slid the wires upwards until they were no longer under such high tension so hopefully relieving the risk of them pulling down poles. That done, all the rest of the mess was cleared, the owners arrived and were well chuffed and the council have now been called. Wonder how long it will take them to come and finish the job?

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