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The Travels & Adventures of Flog-It Removals.

Welcome to the Flog-It blog. Here we will post comments and details of our travels hopefully before, during and after we are on the road as well as general observations from while we are just out and about locally.

Ready to roll.... Again.
13 March 2009 @ 00:00

I will keep this short as it is almost midnight and I need my beauty sleep. Tomorrow we set off on our journey to collect Arnie and bring a couple of loads back south to Spain. The map has been updated ( and we will try and update as much as we can whilst on the road at which does also duplicate to our Facebook and Blogger page. Hopefully whilst on the road this time we will be sorting a dongle to give us mobile internet in the UK and also getting rid of Gertrude as she does not know her a**e from her elbow and cannot map read to save her life - Her days are numbered. Should you need to contact us then most numbers appear on the right hand side of this blog (assuming you are reading this at but we also have a "follow me" number which is +44 (0)7092 207539 and will hopefully work anywhere..... Which is to be proved!!
That's it, I'll do my best to keep you posted.

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