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A Place to Eat in Chiclana
Friday, June 16, 2023 @ 9:28 PM


What is El Cuartel del Mar? It is a beachfront restaurant, which opened shortly before the summer of last year. This site represents the first foray into Andalusia by the Madrid-based Azotea Grupo, a gastronomic group that is also the creator of La Azotea del Círculo de Bellas Artes, Azotea Forus Barceló (in the Barceló Market), Picalagartos (NH Gran Vía Collection hotel) and Nubel ( in the Reina Sofía Museum).

This space, which has become so popular with everyone who passes through Chiclana, has an indoor restaurant, patio and roof terrace with sea views. It is located in an old barracks house of the Civil Guard, which was unoccupied for about 30 years, a 19th-century building in ruins. Do you want to know why it is so popular? 



The project to create El Cuartel del Mar was a dream that the owners of Azotea Grupo, the journalist Cristina Lasvignes and her husband José Manuel García, had for a long time. The couple has been spending summers in Chiclana for years and whenever they walked through La Barrosa, they daydreamed thinking: "What if we turned it into a restaurant?" With that prime location, it wasn't a far-fetched idea.

When the opportunity arose, they didn't think twice. They were awarded a management contract until March 1, 2027, extendable for a maximum of two periods of ten years each. The concession consists of the exclusive use of the old Civil Guard barracks, located next to the Torre del Puerco.


Then it was time to carry out the comprehensive rehabilitation and adaptation of the building, as well as the complementary development around the barracks. It was inaugurated shortly before the start of the summer of last year and was an immediate success. The Cuartel del Mar became an incredible surprise for the tourists who arrived in Cádiz after spending months locked up at home.



The Basque, Manuel Berganza, executive chef of the group, is responsible for the design of the menu, which is based on local produce. Due to its location, it is obvious that the sea and its products have a prominent presence in the menu of El Cuartel del Mar. The team has made a fresh menu, where the smoked touch of the grill predominates.

It is a menu designed for sharing, which seeks to create a tailor-made gastronomic experience. An important part of this menu is the almadraba tuna, as it is possible to highlight the wide range of elaborations that can be made with this product, so characteristic of the area.

As if that weren't enough, each visit to El Cuartel del Mar can begin or end with a fresh cocktail. These were designed by Luca Anastasio, a three-time World Class Diageo Spain winner and the group's director of bars and mixology. His proposal includes long and refreshing drinks, adapted to the Chiclana climate, which follow the line of supporting local products. The menu also gives importance to the wines of Chiclana and the province of Cádiz.


In El Cuartel del Mar, everything has a neat aesthetic sense, which enhances what has been preserved and enhances the natural and historical value of the place. The design respects the environment, through the use of local and natural materials, of traditional use.


The restaurant offers an impressive roof terrace, a must-see vantage point to witness the stunning sunset. 



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