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The NEW EOS guide to Schools & Education in Spain
17 September 2010 @ 16:12

Schools and Education in SpainOver the past few months we've been seeing more and more people looking to move to Spain, particularly families with young children.

Most are hoping to move to Spain for a better life for them and their kids but things tend to go very wrong when it comes to their children's education in Spain.

So many people are simply not understanding the whole Spanish education system and consequently we have personally witnessed many expats kids ruin their education here in Spain. 

The "better life in Spain" can often backfire when it comes to your kids.

For this reason we locked Susan up in a room for the past few weeks and got her to put together an in-depth guide to schools and education in Spain.

Apart from simply cover the "need to know" stuff she goes into considerable depth regarding the social aspects of Spanish school, the often painful language issues and how foreign kids integrate into a Spanish system and culture.

It is the ultimate resource and a must-read for anyone looking to move to Spain with kids or those with children already in a Spanish or international school here.

Give your kids the best chance, find out more about Susan's guide and understand how you can assist your kids to prosper here:

I hope you find this guide really useful, it's the sort of guide we wished we'd had access to before moving to Spain ourselves six years ago.


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