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We're always working really hard to bring you new and exciting features to Eye on Spain. We also make plenty of mistakes so we want to use this blog to keep you up to date with what's new (and what's wrong) with EOS.

Eye on Spain 5th Anniversary Party - Everyone Welcome
02 July 2009 @ 18:31

On 11 July 2009 we will be celebrating five years of Eye on Spain and we'd love for you to come along and join us.

We're only planning a low key evening, nothing formal at all, just a reason to meet people, have a few drinks and tapas and just to have a bit of fun.  BTW, eveyone buys their own drinks and tapas!

We're going to hold it at our favourite tapas bar, Lo de Andres, in Sabinillas (Costa del Sol) at 8pm.  There is a large area outside so there's plenty of space if lots of people turn up.

They'll be a huge bouncy castle so if you want to bring the kids along that should keep them entertained for most of the evening.

Anyway, it would be good to get a feel for numbers so Andres can have an idea of how many people may turn up.

I would appreciate it if you could leave a comment here on the blog to say if you are planning to come along.

Thanks and look forward to meeting you on the night.


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Rixxy said:
02 July 2009 @ 17:04

Bouncy castle for kids only???????

I will dig out my paaaaarty dress and will be there!!!

Cant wait

altealavella said:
02 July 2009 @ 20:17

Boo Hoo ! No party for us we live on the Costa Blanca, but thanks for the invite, Enjoy yourselves.

Howard said:
02 July 2009 @ 20:17

A bit far for us to come from Costa Blanca, but have a good one!

shelagh lorimer said:
02 July 2009 @ 20:36

Unfortunately, in chilly Edinburgh a that time. hope that you have a great day

Therese Hyland said:
02 July 2009 @ 20:38

As I've only been here in Spain 3 weeks and live in Calahonda, I really only know my way around with the help of a Sat Nav.
Therefore I would be gratiful if you could let me have the address as I would like to come.
Thank you
Therese Hyland

Ari & Di said:
02 July 2009 @ 20:46

Congratulations for your five years, and for all of your EOS efforts!!
We can't be at the party 'coz it's too far from here (Johannesburg, South Africa) but surely we shall meet one day.
Enjoy, enjoy!!
Ari & Diane

Ros said:
02 July 2009 @ 20:47

Bit too far to drive from Fuengirola because of compulsory drinking on our part! Pity, but hope you have a good night - you deserve to celebrate!

phil olivant said:
02 July 2009 @ 20:50

sorry not back in spain until the13th have a good one

Caz said:
02 July 2009 @ 20:52

Bit far to come down from Asturias, but I hope to be down sometime in the next few months.

Have a fab evening Justin and Susan, YOU DESERVE IT!

Caz x

Pat D said:
02 July 2009 @ 20:56

Sorry, would really like to be there with you, but here in Bideford until September.
Congratulations on your 5 years and thanks for all your hard work with the website.
Have a great night. wish I was there.

Michael Byrne said:
02 July 2009 @ 20:57

Sorry cant make it that evening as we are at a Wedding in Manilva. Have a great night. It is well deserved.

bettyespana said:
02 July 2009 @ 21:04

Sorry would love to attend but live on the Costa Blanca &
it is too far away.

Have a great time,all of you.

Tabitha Lovelock said:
02 July 2009 @ 21:06

A bit too far to travel from Valencia. Thanks for the invite and have a great party. Congratulations for your five years. deserve it

myra cecilia said:
02 July 2009 @ 21:12

Antonio and I will be there. I hope that his wife and son will also attend. Oh and Sylvia and Bob. Will pass the news around.

Crazymo said:
02 July 2009 @ 21:14

sorry going home on 10 july but too far from costa blanca anyway

Jill MOrris said:
02 July 2009 @ 21:17

Would love to come but......... live toooooooo far away in Gata De Gorgos, Costa Blanca, congrats on your five years, keep up the good work and have agood night.

James Long said:
02 July 2009 @ 21:34


Phil said:
02 July 2009 @ 21:47

I will be in Spain but not sure where the venue is - how far from Antequera?

Terry & Jude said:
02 July 2009 @ 22:03

We are going to miss a great time with you !!!!! We are still in the UK , but dont let it spoil your party ,LOL. Should be there to celebrate your SIXTH next year . Have a great time , well done to you both .

Ruth and Graham holloway said:
02 July 2009 @ 22:24

Wish we were there. We are in Botswana for another 18 months - then La Manga in Murcia. Good luck with your new project.

ben_smith said:
02 July 2009 @ 22:39

i think you should have a party on the costa blanca,happy five years ben.

max said:
02 July 2009 @ 22:41

I`m really impressed by the speed you have got yourselves organised to produce your project----you are obviously on course for an astounding future.

Sadly we are otherwise engaged in UK.

Have a super time

Mike T said:
02 July 2009 @ 22:48

Hi Justin, Susan,
Sorry to miss your Birthday Bash next week!!
We are basking in a Heatwave here in Bordeaux on our Road trip through Northern Spain and France.

"Congratulations" to you both for what youve achieved to date and no doubt there's so much more to come.

Best Wishes

Ron and Bea Sykes said:
02 July 2009 @ 23:01

Count us in for two

Pat & Martin said:
02 July 2009 @ 23:12

Sorry cannot make it as we are in the Costa Blanca - maybe we should have our own party up here? Sas it sounds like there are more of us here than where you are

flogit said:
02 July 2009 @ 23:32

Well we are in the Costa Brava, but give me a few days and we'll see what can be wangled!! No promises though.

Elizabeth Jane said:
02 July 2009 @ 23:36

Regret are back in the UK for a couple of weeks otherwise would not have missed such a great chance to get to meet you all!

Dawn said:
02 July 2009 @ 23:56

Regret we can not make your party, live in Costa Blanca and too far to travel, but have a great time.

ray ogles said:
03 July 2009 @ 00:38

Congratulations,and well done for reaching the 5 year milestone.We are back in u.k. working at the moment, so will be thinking of you on party night--have a good one !

chris said:
03 July 2009 @ 00:40

Sorry but still stuck in the uk hope to be in spain in 2010, have a great night

chris said:
03 July 2009 @ 00:40

Sorry but still stuck in the uk hope to be in spain in 2010, have a great night

Tove Brook said:
03 July 2009 @ 00:42

Congratulations!! Justin and Susan.
Sorry. I woud really liked to be there with you, but Norway is too far away.
Thankyou for "eye on Spain", and have a great party.
Wish i was there.

CathB said:
03 July 2009 @ 01:30

Congrats on 5 years of Eye on Spain! Have only joined recently and find the site is an endless source of useful information and discussion.
Alas, can't get to the party, as we'll have just arrived in lovely Javea on the Costa Blanca for our summer vacation.
Hope you all have a great time and here's to the next 5 years!

KarenDavid said:
03 July 2009 @ 01:49

Feliz Cumpleanos EOS
Ha\ve a great evening and thanks for all your hard work and efforts. Sorry we cant be there as we are in Costa de Almeria but will have a drink for you.

Maria said:
03 July 2009 @ 07:54

We will be there: 7 adults... no kids.

Jane Knight said:
03 July 2009 @ 08:33

Happy Birthday guys. Not been with you for long but have found so much useful information. Well done to you. Live in Duquesa so can easily walk there and stagger back (x2). Looking forward to it. Jane

Maurice & Marilyn said:
03 July 2009 @ 09:06

Congratulations on 5 years of EOS. Sorry back in the UK on the 11th July. We hope all goes well and you all have a great time

Brian Marting said:
03 July 2009 @ 09:10

Thanks for the invite there will be three of us coming on the day.

Ian White said:
03 July 2009 @ 09:13

Why is the spam question so hard :-)

Anyway, I'm in Costa Blanca so its too far, have agood one


Mavis said:
03 July 2009 @ 09:29

Would love to come but live in the Costa Blanca region, also its our village 4 day fiesta that week so can't make it anyway!!! Agree with the comment above, perhaps we should arrange our own!!
Have a lovely time and here's to the next 5 years!

Conrad Parker said:
03 July 2009 @ 10:01

Cant make it unfortunatley but enjoy yourselves. Felizidades

Garry said:
03 July 2009 @ 10:01

Congratulations and well done for the 5 years of EOS, unfortunately not back in Marbella until September, back in blighty for July & August, pity, otherwise would have loved to have been there.

Lynn said:
03 July 2009 @ 10:07

So sad we can't fly over. Have 'one' for us. You have worked so very hard over the past 5 years you deserve to let your hair down!

Alan & Marilyn Aikman said:
03 July 2009 @ 10:12

We will try and make it. Where in Sabanillas is the venue?

Tony said:
03 July 2009 @ 10:14

Not back until 12th August, hope you have a great time, you deserve it

Bob said:
03 July 2009 @ 10:32

Sorry cannot make party as packing up house in uk for move to Granada at that time. Have a brill party. Bob

Jo said:
03 July 2009 @ 10:33

Count us in! 2 adults 1 child. See you there!

Lesley Baikie said:
03 July 2009 @ 11:11

There will definitely 4 and maybe 6 of us coming from The Birdie Club in Alcaidesa. See you on the 11th

daphne said:
03 July 2009 @ 11:12

Congratulations, and hope you have a great night, but sadly another one who lives too far away in Costa Almeria to make the party.

Tanzi said:
03 July 2009 @ 13:20

Message for Ros.
We also live in Fuengirola and don't fancy driving for the same reason. Do you want me to look into the cost of a taxi for us to share?

Helen & Robert said:
03 July 2009 @ 15:04

We would love to be at your party and meet everyone. Hope you have a fantastic day. Congratulations on 5 years with Eye on Spain. However we will both be at work but look forward to reading about the day.
H & L (Scotland)

sharon said:
03 July 2009 @ 15:14

Congrats on 5 years and good luck for the next 5. Your site has been invaluable on helping me when/where/how to go places. Might see you at next year's party if I move over.
Thank you Justin and Susan
Sharon from murky Merthyr...

jack sainsbury said:
03 July 2009 @ 19:47

did you ever think you guys would touch people all over the world ? If only you where a little nearer. Gonna miss that do!
But maybe the next one eh! You are a Diamond geezer and gal ! Well Done.

Campbell Ferguson Chartered Surveyor said:
03 July 2009 @ 20:16

I hope to be there as long as I can get these valuation and survey reports finished. Pleased to say that people are becoming much more sensible and realising that they can and should have RICS surveys carried out before they buy.

With best wishes and thanks for an interesting, informative and accurate newsletter.


LizV said:
04 July 2009 @ 13:48

We would like to come but need a more complete address.
(2) of us.

Lily & Michael Jones (London) said:
04 July 2009 @ 13:48

What a shame - we would of loved to have met you and other members. If you are planning another celebration or party providing we get about 3-6 months notice you can count us in. We would like to take this opportunity to send a special THANK YOU for linking us to everything we could ever need in Spain especially friendship. Congratulations on doing a fantastic job and best wishes for the future - wish we could be there. Arenal Duquesa :(

Rod Younger said:
04 July 2009 @ 14:09

Hi Justin,

Would love to come but have an all day padel tournament inc BBQ so not sure I'll be in a fit state. If I am I'll try and pop along but don't count me in the numbers.

Janet and John said:
04 July 2009 @ 21:52

Just arriving that day so hope we can make it, us plus mam. Congratulations on such a successful forum you have been a fantastic help.

Paula said:
05 July 2009 @ 18:06

Have fun!
Would definitely come although I actually live in Gibraltar - but will be back in UK that week.

Liz and George said:
05 July 2009 @ 21:52

Still need an address!! Help! We are coming over on Tuesday so need to know info. before then.

Liz and George. Dereham Norfolk,.

David said:
05 July 2009 @ 23:57

Bar Lo de Andres is in Sabinillas. It is just off the Sabinillas roundabout (A7/N340), on the beach side. The roundabout has "Sabinillas" written on it in big white letters. If you are coming from the Estepona/Marbella direction, you need to take a left at the roundabout and then the bar is on the right hand side on the square by the taxi rank.

John Hughes said:
06 July 2009 @ 11:19

My friend Barry Gorst and I would love to come along and meet and talk with your guests.
We have much advice we can give to those who have had troubles here in Spain.
Not sure about the BC with Tapas, I hope its authentic.

LIzzie said:
06 July 2009 @ 12:03

Really would love to come but we are not flying to Spain till 27th July. However will try out the Tapas Bar on your recommendation.

derek55 said:
06 July 2009 @ 23:25

Hilary and I will be there, it s five years for you but five weeks for us , see you then

Bob T said:
06 July 2009 @ 23:51

If Derek and Hilary are going, then I'll join them - happy people in Los Cortijos De La Bahia! In UK at the moment but plan to be in Sabinillas from Wednesday the 8th

Wendie & Graham said:
07 July 2009 @ 11:15

Hi count us in, can't really not turn up when we only live down the road!

pauline said:
07 July 2009 @ 16:31

Sorry, will be in uk. Have a great time.

faye said:
07 July 2009 @ 23:06

To all at EYE OF Spain.A very Happy Birthday and please many more Happier and successful years to follow.Have a swell time and please video the Party so those cant make it will feel sick not being there Ha Ha

Good Lock

Faye B

Pedro said:
07 July 2009 @ 23:38

Just by luck we are flying out Friday(unplanned), so look forward to meeting you and celebrating the birthday!!

Vicky Lloyd said:
08 July 2009 @ 01:02

Sorry, would love to meet up but high season for running our Bar in France. Keep up the good work though.

SharonW said:
09 July 2009 @ 12:50

Hi Justin, will be there! - 2x pax!

abbbb1 said:
18 June 2011 @ 14:52

Sorry unable to make it - will still be in England. I've got a house in Spain (Costa Blanca) so I second, third and fourth what the other people above have said about a Costa Blanca get-together!!

Have a great birthday celebration

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