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the answer to ryanair

this is an account of how to defeat ryanair

my personal experience of Ryan-air
08 September 2010 @ 04:01

i booked to go from London to Alicante by Ryan-air i was charged £5.00 for the privilege of making my booking online by debit card 

9  IF YOU USE THEIRS ITS NADA BUT TRY TO GET ONE)  i then printed my boarding pass but wait you have to check in your case more money want to go fist (ha bloody ha) more money want a drink 3.50 euros sir, for insipid coffee ? still awaiting lab results on that, could not afford the sandwich thank god the end cost its cheaper by BA even cheaper by EASY-JET and no i dont work for them i realise the era of cheap flights is over but be honest with your customers  i ramble the answer to Ryan-air is simple teach them a lesson use Easy-jet or BA i look forward to comments good or bad

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Blogger said:
08 September 2010 @ 12:09

Did you write this whilst drunk in the early hours? There is so much needing correcting! I have a capital 'i' on my keyboard! I have a '(' as well as a '9' too. If you're going to blog check your post before hitting the post button please! You can edit you know.

Your experience is much the same as others, why go on & on? If you don't like Ryanair who's forcing you to use it? Get a life!

Mark said:
08 September 2010 @ 21:05

I had a Ryanair credit card and you still have to pay the credit cars processing fees. They are only free if you get a prepaid Mastercard. If you have something to eat at the airport, you don't really need anything on a 3.5- 3 hour flight, if you do, pack some sandwiches. The prices ARE CHEAP if you do what they want, which is to ensure you don't hold up their turnaround times by carrying on big bags. Yes, a £30 return flight from Leeds to Murcia inclusive, is infinitely better than the £65 offered by their competitor (even with a so called free flight!!).

david said:
09 September 2010 @ 01:29

well blogger i can guess who you work for but we are all etitled to an opinian of Ryan-air if you want to use them good luck to you

Martin Power said:
09 September 2010 @ 09:35

Both these "low cost" airlines are not cheap when you add on all their extras. The service on both is very poor, and worst of all, you are all treated like cattle.

What a difference! Often cheaper or near the price of the "low cost" ones! Well trained and friendly staff, giving you a worry free relaxing flight. Sometimes a bit more than the "low costs"?- worth every penny!!! I would rather pay a tenner or so each more, than go Ryanair or Easyjet

Ian A said:
09 September 2010 @ 11:20

We all know what these cheap airlines are like with their extra charges, but once you have flown with them and know the score it becomes quite trouble and stress free,
They are still very cheap compared to some domestic flights, so play them at their own game, if you travel with hand luggage then make sure it fits in the box, the sizes and weights are there for all to see, if you travel with jet 2 then if you dont pre pay for your seat then expect to be sitting away from your family or partner, dont blame the girls on the plane as they are immune to your rants and raves and have no say whatsoever on the company rules
The secret is to read all the fine print then you will know where you stand.
Happy Flying

Blogger said:
09 September 2010 @ 17:08

david said:
09 September 2010 @ 01:29

well blogger i can guess who you work for but we are all etitled to an opinian of Ryan-air if you want to use them good luck to you
What an odd reply, David! You think you're clairvoyant too!

I don't actually use Ryanair but that is because it's not convenient for me to. If I did use them I certainly wouldn't moan, like some, about what I wasn't forced to use.

Well said Ian A & Mark.

wend691 said:
09 September 2010 @ 19:10

I agree with Ian and Mark ... the likes of BA and Monach cant beat the lowest cost airlines (Ryanair and Easy Jet) on price.

My OH will not book our flights to / from Spain without researching and cross referencing prices for a number of airlines. Each time Ryanair comes up trumps as the lowest cost. As we are able to travel with just hand luggage each time this keeps the costs down to the minimum.

Agree that people should always read the small print and take time to cost out all the additional charges.

I cant say I enjoy the cattle market approach used by Ryanair but their cheapest charges mean we can visit our place in Spain more often than if we were to book with alternative airlines.

People pays their money and makes their choice! no point moaning about Ryanair - if you dont like 'em, dont book with them! :-)

Fiona said:
21 September 2010 @ 23:15

take no bags..hand luggage only..follw the rules..then no problem!!! 4 pence return from Edinburgh for two of us last year...surely it is about getting to Spain cheaply..if you and your family go many times a year then it is the cheapest

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