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My Covid-19 Diary - March 2020 to date

The Coronavirus pandemic has hit the world hard, with over 120 million global victims. I am British, married to a German and we live in Andalucía in the Serranía de Ronda. This blog contains articles I've written over the last 14 months which are about a weird life of curfews, lockdowns, masks, hand gel, rules and regulations and, for those of us who have been affected directly, the vicious after-effects of the virus, long-Covid, bereavement and financial ruin.

Covid-19 Pluses
Saturday, August 14, 2021 @ 4:53 AM

There is absolutely no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has been a catastrophe of massive proportions.

People have lost lives (4.3 million worldwide), livelihoods, relatives, friends. It has been a complete disaster.

Nevertheless out of bad can come good. Pablo de Ronda feels very strongly about this.

The Covid-19 virus has hit us very badly at a personal level. My wife, Rita, nearly died of it in January, although she is now recovering well after a horrendous four months suffering at the hands of “el bicho”, as the Spanish call this bug.

As for me I have developed long-Covid, which has left my lungs in a very poor state, leaving me breathless after the most minor exertion, eg walking 50 metres. My balance has been affected also and I have constant pins and needles in the fingers and toes of my left side. But, hey, I’m alive!

My pneumologist is doing his best, for which I am extremely grateful.


However, as the title of this article implies, there are pluses to Covid-19 for some people, not just manufacturers of face masks and disinfectant gels and online retailers like Amazon.

The main plus for us that we have lurched out of a period of torpor, during which we were doing very little.

Apart from getting back to writing, gardening and DIY, my main loves, I have done a number of things for the first time in my life since the pandemic began in March 2020.

I have built an Arab-style brick column, which my albañil, bricklayer, assumed I got some other professional in to do!

I did an interview in Spanish for local TV and I’ve just had my first ever article in Spanish published in the print media.

I swam in the Mediterranean Sea in December!

I built a car port with friends Kevin and Michael in summer 2020, after lockdown ended.

A few weeks ago I built a child’s swing with José Antonio and Stewart, for my grandchildren to play on when they manage to get over from the UK.

I got my first-ever dog, Berti, in 2020, but he was sadly killed by a hit-and-run driver a few weeks ago.

I successfully grew some “exotic” vegetables for the first time this year, including aubergines, leeks and squashes.

I got a new “job”, at age 71, as an affiliate of estate agency Andalucía Country Houses, which has just opened a new branch in Montejaque, the village near Ronda where I now live.

I bottled olives from my own tree for the first time – about 10 kilos. They taste lovely.

Finally, in April 2021 I bought a VW Camper van. Let’ see if I can persuade the missus to go away in it!

That would be a real plus.

I’ll keep you posted.

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