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History and news about Competa - what it's like to live there, setting up a business, environment, walking, living in a finca.

How Competa has changed - the short version!
20 February 2015 @ 13:33

Since I helped set up the business association in Competa 2008 and worked with the Competa town hall to develop its walking product, the town has gone from strength to strength.  Most of the work has been done by the tourism councillors, but I am glad that I had input at first.  There are many way marked routes now and the excellent tourist information centre has route maps available.  The routes are walked regularly to ensure that information is kept up to date.  I hear that over 100 people went to the village on one trip.  I wonder, though, if they had any economic impact on the bars and restaurants or whether they just browsed. However it means that 100 more people are now aware of Competa and all it has to offer. 

The long awaited car park is under construction.  No date has been given as yet for when it will be completed, but it is happening.  There are complaints that there is not enough work in the village, but that is true of many villages in the Axarquia and probably other parts of Spain. 

All in all, since I started visiting Competa in 1982, the village has become a town, the agricultural base of its economy has moved to tourism and there are many many more facilities.  I remember once going to the bank to get 20,000 pesetas and was told that the bank manager had gone to the coast (on his motor bike!) to get money for the bank!  I did manage to get the money - but had to wait...!  Oh... the days before cash machines!  The growth of the village does not mean it has lost its charm though.  The people are still as friendly and helpful as they have always been, the Saturday market is still a great day to catch up....


Competa is still sweet and charming!


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