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History and news about Competa - what it's like to live there, setting up a business, environment, walking, living in a finca.

The holiday continues....
18 July 2013 @ 22:08

My father had never been out of the UK before and he had a great time chatting with the locals (or trying to!) andeven chatting up the Wing Commander's wife.... I had to put a stop to that.  He was always wanting to call in "just for a quick drink".  The little white houses nestling on the hills were an endless source of fascination and we would spend hours just sitting on the terrace looking over the mountains.  It was heaven.  We quickly found the local wine - 5 pesetas per litre - I'll never forget that as I couldn't believe it!  We managed to quaff copious amounts of the sweet smooth wine - and always paid the price the next day!  In years to come we were to enjoy the Noche del Vino during August - now one of the most famous wine festivals in Spain. 

We went to Nerja - a big mistake as my father "found" Guinness - his particular poison.  The Fontainbleu Hostel in Nerja is long gone, but the memories aren't.  I don't think it was ever the same again and I had to book my father into a room as he refused point blank to go back to Competa - I had promised to meet a friend, so I went and left him enjoying the local hostelry and being looked after by the very friendly English barman. 

The next day I had planned to look at some properties with one of the estate agents but I had first to rescue my father from the clutches of Nerja.  I found him struggling along the road with his head in his hands - determined to walk back to Competa.  I did manage to see some properties, but nothing took my fancy.  It was to be so over the next TWO YEARS until I found the place of my dreams.

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