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Everything you could possibly want to know about living in a community of owners in Spain and what it entails

What Can a Community Website Do for Your Community?
23 May 2016 @ 09:56

Nowadays almost everyone turns to the internet as their primary source of information be it to find a restaurant telephone number or to check out the daily newspapers.

 With this in mind, most successful communities of owners are also taking advantage of this method of communication, as a way to conveniently share information with all homeowners. Very few people nowadays lack access to the internet in some form or another.

When done properly, a community website that can be accessed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week can provide many benefits to your community and in most instances website maintenance is hassle-free. But, just what type of information should your community website contain?

Below is list of 14 key items which should be included on your existing website or should be taken into account when developing a new one.

  • A welcome page for new homeowners – this is of the upmost importance as it makes newcomers feel welcome and also lets them know the ropes as many will not be familiar with community living
  • Community news- this needs to be kept up to date and can include anything from scheduled pool closures to changes in local bus timetables
  • Community Rules and Regulations – if they are on the website noone has any excuse to say that they didn’t know!
  • Governing documents
  • Architectural forms – for obtaining permissions etc
  • Facilities information including pool hours, where to pick up keys, etc.
  • Rubbish bin emptying  schedules
  • Calendar of events- a great way to advertise general meetings and social events
  • Committee member information- so that everyone can contact the right person should they need to.
  • General meeting minutes
  • FAQs
  • General information i.e. emergency phone numbers
  • Updates on recent repairs/renewals or those to be carried out in the near future
  • A blog where members can post any comments which are relevant to all homeowners

Community websites can be a great way to share important, timely information as well as a great way to create and maintain a sense of community among homeowners.

If you live in a community that isn’t taking advantage of this great communication tool, then speak to your administrator as they may be able to help you. In Resortalia we are currently managing several web pages of Communities and we can assure you that it´s worth the effort! We would be happy to discuss the benefits of a community web site with you personally. You can contact us by following the link shown to the right of this blog. 

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