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Everything you could possibly want to know about living in a community of owners in Spain and what it entails

The Role of An Administrator (administrador de fincas)
05 April 2016 @ 13:13

Within most Communities,   the day-to –day running is often carried out by a professional administrator as the work load is just far too much for the President to cope with alone – one person acting voluntarily would not be able to achieve the high level of control and organisation required in keeping a Community running smoothly, all year round, faced with many eventualities and often in many different languages, depending on the nationality of the individual owners.

As well as managing the efficient running of the community’s common elements (such as gardens, pools, walkways etc) they also carry out any other functions as agreed at the Annual General Meetings (AGMs).  For example, it may have been agreed at the AGM that major repair works be carried out within the Community. The Administrator would have already obtained quotes for the works prior to the AGM so that it could be properly approved by the owners. Following the AGM approval, they would then instruct the chosen provider and oversee that the works are correctly carried out and completed.

They usually prepare a budget of estimated expenses for the coming year and present this at the AGM for the members’ approval, who must vote to accept it or not.

They are the best people to prepare these reports as they will have experience and ‘’hands on’’ knowledge of the expenditure which is likely to be incurred during the coming year enabling them to make accurate predictions.

Some administrators, like us, would also use the opportunity of budget preparation to renegotiate contracts or invite tenders for new ones to obtain optimum deals on behalf of the Community and these savings would then be reflected in the budget.

They must keep the records of the community and makes sure that the minutes are properly written up, often acting as Secretary as well for the Community.

All requests and needs of the owners will be directed primarily to the Administrator, so it is important that they are kept up to date with owners personal contact details to allow them to communicate any issues to the necessary people involved.

The Administrator will be re-appointed annually at the AGM if approved by those present.

The administrator must also keep proper accounting records of the community and have them at the disposal of the owners should it be necessary.

As well as calculating the quotas payable by each owner, as approved at the AGM, they will be responsible for collecting these amounts and also following up and collecting by whichever means necessary any unpaid amounts, ensuring that bad debts are kept to a minimum and that all owners are taking on their individual responsibilities in keeping the Community running smoothly.

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Poedoe said:
28 May 2016 @ 11:36

Although the Administrator of our Complex is approachable and always verbally agrees and sorts out any of the problems we have. They fail to produce the AGM Minutes. The first year ran very smoothly and we were all satisfied with the service. BUT since they have failed to supply the Minutes for the last three years. Despite numerous requests by me the Minutes have not been supplied. 2013, 2014 & 2015 they say the minutes are available but have not supplied them. We have many problems on site with the builder/architect failing to complete many parts of the build of 44 apartments.
Yes the community have a court case which has been live for over 3 years. The Builder/architect failed to attend the first summons last year, the 2nd summons he did appear and told total lies that the build was completed before the sales to 12 non National purchasers completed with a mortgage or Cash payments. 7 Spanish National residents lived on the complex or let their apartments since the said completion in 2007-8 most of which never paid community fees and to date many owe in excess of €7000.
2013 because of the problems of many undesirable resident who were squatting or renting from the Builders contact ? causing much damage and stealing the Utility service. even taking an axe to the meter cupboards to connect to the apartment they were using. Action had to be taken to preserve the complex the community with help from our Administrator decided to erect a gate to one end of the serving road and a wall to be built to the other. We now have a very secure complex, and are happy to feel safe when returning to the UK from our Holiday stay.

We have waited several years for the Spanish courts to act on our behalf to sue the Builder and hopefully receive the compensation for settling the huge debt he left for the unpaid utilities that the community paid so that the utilities could be reconnected after several cuts due to the unpaid bills.
since 2009 the Monthly fee has risen to €80 a month.

The individual owners now pay the community fee and also are registered with the Utility companies paying their individual bills as well as the monthly €80 community fee.

The community are very grateful that the Bank pays the community fee for the apartments they have claimed from the Builder. Sadly the Builder fails to pay for the upkeep of the Apartments he still own's and the defects the community has needed to put right.

This Builder is still Building under a different name and therefore the problems we have and many other complexes he built continue to suffer. When will the Spanish Government
act on behalf of the purchasers that are suffering like the thousands of people like us. It is a continuing worry how will it all end when the courts are so busy it can take nearly 10 years for problems like this.

The Builders should be governed with more power to prevent the thousands of purchasers of every nationality being duped by the poor laws which need so much reform to prevent ALL suspect crooked purchasers of Spanish Property.
PLUS the poor service & lies from the Agent, Lawyer, Notary & Banks of which many fail the people that give them a good living.
Remember Check Check & check again and treat all so called professionals with contempt if you are purchasing in Spain.

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