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Chasing the dream in spain

The diary of two probably mad people wanting to live in Spain.

Plastic and paper
18 June 2011 @ 14:39

Before the environmentalists amongst you start screaming for blood, I do recycle whenever I can, and it's easier to do out here. The following are just observations from everyday life in the sun.

Plastic. Namely carrier bags. There has been a sudden rush to be 'green' out here by the supermarkets, supposedly. Or maybe its something to do with some rumoured tax changes. They have all started a re-use campaign, and charging for carrier bags, apart from Lidl and the like who have always charged. You now have to pay three cents for a bag, but to compensate you for this the bags are bigger. We were used to paying for bags back home and they were more expensive. But a carrier bag isn't just a bag here is it? After it has been emptied of shopping, most people give it a new life, as a bin liner! I have been coming to Spain for about thirty years and I don't remember it ever being any different. What I can't understand is why they think this will make people use less bags, who is going to 5+ cents for a bin liner, when the humble carrier bag does the job well enough at half the price. So, until someone produces an economical, and preferably biodegradable alternative, people will still use bags. Or maybe it's just a money grab?

Paper. And lots of it. I am now about to take a leap of faith, and really join the Spanish system. Forms and more forms. One of the English forms I am filling out now is for HMRC, I wonder if they realise how hilarious some of the questions are? Are you leaving for health reasons?? Of course I am! The weather is rubbish and decent food is expensive! So I am now learning to queue for a piece of paper, to get another piece of paper, which entitles me to queue for the piece of paper I actually need. Timber!!! There goes another chunk of rainforest.

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ElviriaDreamer said:
18 June 2011 @ 17:23

Does anyone know how to say "no bag needed, i'll carry it on my head thanks" in Spanish?

Jim said:
20 June 2011 @ 13:59

no necesito bolsa, lo llevare en mi cabeza gracias

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