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Chasing the dream in spain

The diary of two probably mad people wanting to live in Spain.

We finally get there
03 March 2011 @ 13:48

 We have finally arrived in Spain. While we were waiting for the call to board, having just scraped through on the luggage allowance, I noticed someone buying currency. Can you believe they were actually accepting an exchange rate of €1.03 to the pound, what a rip off. The flight passed without any bother, picking up the car went smoothly, but slowly, of course. We even found the house without getting lost, quite impressive really. Linda is now settling into the new ‘Spanish’ lifestyle, just a few furniture move rounds, a few throws for the sofas etc, just to make the place more ‘homely’. She is now sat on said sofa watching ‘corrie’, lifestyle change complete.


The house was as we expected, although this one was a little more ‘live in’ than ‘rental’, with all the trappings of people with time on their hands. There are mountains of books everywhere, everything from women’s home remedies to a large Jeffrey Archer novel by the looks of it. Looks like I won’t need to buy any books after I have read the one that work bought me, must be enough here to keep me going for at least six months! I was hoping for a decent oven this time, some you win, some you lose. It is the usual top and bottom grill type affair, although this on does have a fan too. Unusual, or so it seems to me, is the time on it. The oven won’t work without this being turned on, might get interesting when trying to cook anything fancy.


The weather was rubbish when we first arrived, cold and windy, not the best of starts. It got worse. Whilst going for a walk to get something to eat, the heavens opened, and it threw it down. Apparently, they have had a bad winter, and it is dragging on a bit. Thankfully, on the second day, the big orange thing put in an appearance. Amazing what a few hours of sunshine can do to ones mood, I even got a bit domesticated. I cleaned all the balconies, swept all the paths outside, and had a reasonably successful attempt at rescuing the barbeque. I think that’s enough work for one day, need to save something to do for tomorrow, and I think I have done enough to earn a beer.


We managed to find some free Wi-Fi yesterday; well it was really forced on us almost. One of the ‘locals’ insisted on going to the bar and getting us the password, very helpful. It will help to keep the bills down for keeping in touch with home, and posting here as well. The phone signal round here is poor as usual, I will have to see if anyone else can get better reception on any of the other networks, it might be worth investing in a Spanish sim card. Time for that well earned beer I think.

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abandonship said:
04 March 2011 @ 11:24

dont bother with spanish mobile very expensive use skype insted much cheaper and better

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