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Chasing the dream in spain

The diary of two probably mad people wanting to live in Spain.

The day draws closer, and they'll miss us
12 January 2011 @ 00:31

 Fights booked, house and car rented, no going back now. We have committed a fair amount of money now, and both have resigned from our jobs, the adventure begins! It's only now you realise how many loose ends there are. Cable TV, utilities, council tax, banks and the tax office all want sorting out. And I bet there will be something I've missed. So, in between working my way through half empty paint cans and assorted bits of wood kept because they might come in handy in the garage, it's time to start making those phone calls. I bet Virgin Media will offer me some absolutely amazing deal to stay with them. Can't wait to say I'd like to, do you serve the Alicante area now? Knowing their call centres, they probably think that's part of Leeds! Imagine if their call centres were off shore. Time to move on before I go off on one. D-Day. No not that one, nor the day we land in Spain. No, I mean the REAL invasion. I had been warned I'd be popular, but I had expected to have a little more time, on my own, with my wife, before the invasion started. I've been been let off a little bit, it was going to be three days, but apparently I now get a whole week! Look on the bright side, I'll have time to stock the fridge up. Not with beer, but jars of baby food for the grandchildren, they're past that, but you know what I mean. Okay, the odd beer might sneak it's way in. All this fuss about getting the phones and laptop set up for use abroad seems pointless. Instead of not seeing the kids for five days, we'll have to wait seven. At least sunday lunch will be easier, and different. Most of the grandkids will try most types of food, tapas would be great, or get a fresh roast chicken from the market, served with heaps of fresh local salady type things maybe ( never been to a market in march, they seem to grow all year round in Spain), and all eaten in the fresh air, with kids doing what they do best. Running round and having a great time, tiring themselves out, so the grown-ups can have the odd 'tinto' in the evening. Perfect.

Thanks to Justin, for the offer of help with my cut and paste skills, I will get there in the end, and those that have taken the time to comment. I read them all, and have gleaned a lot of useful information already. 

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Donna Gee said:
12 January 2011 @ 20:39

From one totally mad expat to two 'probably mad' wanabees, welcome to our world! Good luck with your plans - I look forward to the next instalment of your blog. Meanhile, if you fancy taking a look at my ramblings, some of the articles might clue you in on what to expect.

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