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Boost Your Business : An Expert's Tips

Michael Walsh. Twenty years business assessment and marketing counsellor for the Federation of Master Builders and Guild of Master Craftsmen (UK)

12 Reasons Why Email is Superior to the Telephone
27 November 2012 @ 23:23

It is 137 years since the telephone was invented yet most businesses depend on it. Today nearly everyone is familiar with emails so here are a few tips to make yours work for your business. Make sure your advertisements, signage and promotional literature include your email and web details.
With Email  
  • You know where your business is but can your clients find it? You can give precise directions; even attach a map to make their trip easier. They will appreciate the thought. 
  • Emails can detail the services and prices you offer; if you own a restaurant menus can be emailed. Pre-ordering makes life easier for the kitchen staff whilst reducing your buying costs. Whatever your service you can email details; price lists and special offers. 
  • Invite customers to leave their email addresses. That way you can inform them of special offers; price reductions; entertainment engagements, holidays, opening and closing times. 
  • We have all heard the expression; people don’t buy products they buy people. It is true. Pictures of your premises, staff; interior, can be sent to enquirers. This will help them to bond with your business. Think of customers as partners in your business. 
  • If you hold events, moving address, taking on a new manager, booking an event, email can be used to inform your customers. 
  • Your email message offers opportunity for you to place a ‘signature’; a permanent sales message on every memo you send. 
  • Invite customers to comment on your services. These can later be included in emails to reassure new clients. They are good for inviting suggestions too. Imagine, a free mystery shopping opportunity to give your business the vital edge. 
  • You have some good news? Tell your customers; promotions, awards, and very important key selling points that identify your business as being perfect for their needs. 
  • If a member of a trade association or body its logo and details can be permanently included in your emails too. 
  • If it is appropriate places of local interest can be included. You can also invite visitors to browse complementary businesses whose owners will be happy to link with your website.   
  • When the phone rings you are obliged to answer it even if it is inconvenient for you to do so. Similarly you might have to get your timing right when making calls even though it interrupts your routine. Unlike the telephone call emails can be sent and replied to at your convenience. 
  • Unlike the telephone the email does not cost anything to use; contrasting the costly inconvenience of postal deliveries (snail mail) the email can effortlessly handle bulk information without bumping up the cost of sending it.

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