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Boost Your Business : An Expert's Tips

Michael Walsh. Twenty years business assessment and marketing counsellor for the Federation of Master Builders and Guild of Master Craftsmen (UK)

28 August 2013 @ 11:53


If the most difficult challenge is to decide what price to charge the most frustrating is to be too low priced and unappreciated. I recall an expert rocking horse maker who, when telephoned by a client gave him a very competitive price. “They must be crap,” the caller said as he slammed the phone down. Had my friend said £7,000 instead of £700 he would likely have got the order.

For the amusement of his staff a greengrocer friend split a single box of apples by putting them in two boxes. The apples were priced differently and the most expensive ones quickly sold out.

When processing building trade membership applications for a trade association I often asked if a price quoted for a job had been deliberately inflated as a ‘polite way’ of declining the job. Most said they had done so.

The job could have been completed profitably for £20,000. Not wanting the work because they already had full order books they quoted say £35,000... and got the go-ahead.

Tony Perrin is a fantastic artist who scratches a living as a graphic designer. Invited to design a new set of business stationery for a local bakers he provided truly exceptional artwork and charged the procuring agent £100.

The agent then charged the bakery £2,000. The bakery firm paid without quibble. To cap it all the agent was bitter about the deal. He said, “they accepted so easily I could have charged £2,500.”

My wife, Nadia, translates English to Russian for a very competitive €20 per hour. Imagine her expression when she saw a Barcelona translating firm charging €110 per page; technical, medical and legal translations at €120 a page. Minimum price for an accompanied translator, doctor, legal, €135 - €290.

Good for them but the frustration comes when you work for peanuts and a distinct lack of appreciation.


Michael and Nadia Walsh for perfect English and Russian language marketing and website translations. website telephone 662 067 490.





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