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Boost Your Business : An Expert's Tips

Michael Walsh. Twenty years business assessment and marketing counsellor for the Federation of Master Builders and Guild of Master Craftsmen (UK)

12 August 2013 @ 15:20

I recall the English tourist who, calling in at a Tipperary newsagents, asked for a copy of his daily newspaper. “And would you be wanting yesterday’s or today’s edition?”

He replied that today’s copy would do fine. “Good,” the newsagent told him. “Come back tomorrow.”

What you read in this week’s newspaper was likely published last week in an online news portal. Like journalists, advertising and marketing gurus are migrating to the online press. Traditional newspapers can still be bought but are a dying species. Printed newspapers have morphed into ad-papers at the expense of news.

Online media like Lithuania Tribune, Typically Spanish, Russia Today, are elbowing printed media to one side. Because online media does not have space issues we get more news, essential information. Advertisers benefit because they get more space for less outlay and they enjoy a far wider audience.

New media brings important news and advertisers marketing information to readers’ attention within minutes of submission. This is especially true when an advertiser has a special offer to announce.




  • New Media is free. It is not necessary to go out to purchase a copy.
  • It is updated daily.
  • It can be accessed anywhere in the world.
  • There are no space issues.
  • It provides more news content and relevant information.
  • Online media leaves the environment and earth’s natural resources unharmed.
  • Offers a far wider spread for advertisers.
  • Marketing professionals find online media more cost effective.
  • Online media gets a far quicker news, comment and advertising response.
  • Better and more immediate reader interaction.
  • Because of lower production and distribution advertising rates are more cost effective.
  • Online media lasts longer. At the press of a key you can browse back issues.


Michael Walsh has been a sales professional and journalist for 40 years. During that time, he managed regional sales teams and provided sales training for sales recruits. Author of The Business Booster, during 20-years spent with the Guild of Master Craftsmen, he identified, assessed and successfully recruited over 4,000 companies. He is the Business Tips columnist for online media Typically Spanish. Michael Walsh for perfect English and Russian language marketing and website translations.

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