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The Most Spectacular Hike in Spain
Wednesday, August 25, 2021 @ 1:29 PM

Mountains, rivers and canyons are right at the top of anyone's list of features most closely associated with natural beauty. But they alone don't constitute an ideal spot for nature lovers. For that, you need a diverse ecology as well as beautiful surroundings.



Luckily, Congost de Mont-rebei in the region of Huesca-Lleida in the Sierra de Monsec, offers it all. The Mont-Rebei area is so special because of the lush flora and abundant animal species that live in and around the mountains, which are crisscrossed by the shimmering blue waters of several rivers. This creates a near-infinite range of environments for all types of creatures to find their home: high rocky peaks scraping the sky, lush forests spilling down the mountainside and ending in the cool river waters below with endless rockpools.






Perhaps the most famous part of the mountain, Congost de Mont-Rebei, is a steep canyon cut into the rocky peaks, with sheer rock faces plunging down 500m at some points leaving a gap of only  20m from side to side. Narrow walking paths carved into the sides of the canyon provide adventurous tourists and hikers with breathtaking views and spellbinding glimpses directly down onto the canyon floor. It is the only natural region in Catalunya that has no tarmac roads, railroads, electrical pylons or anything as it happens that could disturb nature in the slightest.





Popular with mountain bikers and hikers, in particular, the canyon offers as much of a challenge as it does a scenic view of the landscape. The paths are steep, rocky and frightfully narrow, making you feel like a mountain goat on occasions. It truly is a wonderful area and a unique opportunity to explore nature from a  different perspective. But it is certainly not for the faint-hearted.




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