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Quite simply writing about the best things Spain has to offer and anything that might crop up along the way. Spain is a lot more than just sun, sand and sea...

An Underground Museum
06 April 2021 @ 20:48

Beautiful calcareous formations and 4,000-year-old graves are concealed under the village of Prádena de la Sierra in the province of Segovia. Discovered in 1932, the cave of Los Enebralejos has more than 3.5 kilometres of underground galleries that were used as a necropolis since the late Neolithic period.



In 1995, around 500 meters were made user-friendly and visitors can now go inside and contemplate wonders such as the Wall of Colors. The most interesting part, however, are the numerous graves containing ceramic vases, bone tools and food offerings, as well as drawings and schematic engravings that were discovered inside the Burial and Sanctuary rooms. Outside the cave, there is a recreation of a prehistoric settlement complete with mud and wooden huts.



Another highlight close by is a circular six-kilometre walking trail that goes through the largest forest of holly in the Central System mountain range. And in between the nearby municipalities of Sigueruelo and Arcones, there lies one of Spain’s best-preserved forests of sabinas, a type of juniper: the Enebra de Sigueruelo.



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