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Sagrada Família close to being finished
25 September 2018 @ 22:01

In 1882 work began on Gaudi's masterpiece, The Sagrada Familia. Over 120 years on and the building is still unfinished, fortunately the last stone is not far away.  It is expected it will take until 2026 to finish the works, as long as the donations do not cease. 2026 is the magical date as it would mark the 100 anniversary of Guadi's death and would be a fitting tribute to Spain's greatest architect. In total, it will have 18 towers, or spires, and will stand at 172.5 metres in height, once finished.

The six central spires are currently being built – four for the Evangelists, the Mary Tower, and the final pièce de résistance, the Jesus Christ Tower, which will be the highest of all and will take the final eight years to construct. The first row of bricks will be laid by the end of this year if everything goes to plan, and it will be the final part of the cathedral to be completed.

This is what it should look like when it is finished :




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Falcón said:
26 September 2018 @ 18:10

LOVE the article about la Sagrada Familia, spectacular as is this building and the video is super unbelievable!!

John said:
27 September 2018 @ 12:34

Nice building but could the church have spent this money better
Many people are in poverty yet millions spent in a church
Yes jobs are created but it us a bit extravagant

Stinkey said:
29 September 2018 @ 08:50

Whilst it's true the money could be spent on other things I believe this amazing building will bring in so many tourists/visitors who'd be willing to pay to see it ?

John Valentine said:
29 September 2018 @ 13:15

The world is a better place with works of genius such as this and the expenditure by tourists coming to be awed by it will soon cover costs.
Son Beako

Teresa said:
30 September 2018 @ 18:10

Having recently visited Barcelona and the Sagrada Familia I was delighted to read your article. To see the building and try to appreciate Gaudi's vision, the architectural and engineering miracle which is continuing today is something that I will never forget. A true masterpiece and the fact that donations make it possible is another reason to celebrate this wonder. Thank you for the article.

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