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Best activities for groups in Barcelona
04 January 2019 @ 09:28

A birthday party, a bachelor party or just go out to enjoy something different from usual. These and others may be the reasons why you are looking for group activities that can be done in Barcelona. If you like to enjoy the outdoors and the action, these proposals are sure to delight you. With which of them will you hang out next time?

Bubble Football, who is the ball?

One of the ideas for activities for the weekend is bubble football or bubble football. It is a super fun football variant, where what matters least is the final result. Each player goes into an inflatable plastic bubble that covers from the head to the knees, leaving only half of the legs free and making it quite difficult to run. Even so, it is very entertaining, you do not have to be a great athlete and you can play big and small.

Resultado de imagen de bubble football barcelona

Between this and that can be shoved, in the end everyone ends up rolling through the field, causing laughter from those inside and outside. No wonder everyone who tries it will repeat the experience! For the falls do not worry. The bubbles protect you very well.

Archery Tag

The new fashion sport, which has just arrived and is already causing a sensation among those who are looking for activities to do with friends. And the fact is that archery has always attracted attention, although you have never tried it, recognize it. Now you can enjoy the thrill of an archery battle without danger, because the weapons and ammunition are designed to enjoy everything without arrows hurting. You just have to follow the rules of the game and the action will take place in complete safety. The only protection that is worn is a mask.

Resultado de imagen de archery tag barcelona

As with bubble football, you do not need to have a great physical form to play. If you have good marksmanship and reflexes you can probably dodge and score more points, but the adrenaline is more than enough to get close to one of the fields and have a good time. Ideal for original birthday parties or adventure events. Very easy to learn to play and so addictive that you will never want it to end.

Bike tours

If you travel with friends to Barcelona or live in the city and want to do something different, now you have the opportunity to share nature and fun.

Resultado de imagen de roadcycling barcelona

A very popular activity for groups is to go mountain biking in a group with a bike rental Barcelona company.
There are different routes to make in the mountains and surroundings of the city. It is best to breathe fresh air and enjoy a path full of trees and outdoor activities.

Airsoft battles

Probably the most similar to a real combat, both for the weapons used and for the additional equipment. The Airsoft is played in outdoor spaces, which can be urban guerrilla scenarios, forests or any other place, and the role played by each player can vary.

Resultado de imagen de batalla airsoft barcelona

There are real fans of this sport, who have their own equipment and weapons as they prefer one or another position. You can become a sniper, an assault soldier or the person in charge of a fixed position with a machine gun.

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