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This blog is about the many broken dreams surrounding iether having moved to spain or in the process of moving to Spain. There are many successful moves, however for many it has meant heartbreak through loss of large sums of money and no property or being marooned in an illegal property with no way out.

illegal proprties
01 December 2008 @ 16:54

Hi, havent posted for a while as Im trying to get on with life, ignoring that I have been robbed of 100,000 euros which is not easy. Reading the other posts on this and other sites brings a little comfort but it always returns to remind us that our dream of a new life in Spain has been removed by a bunch of crooks.

I will continue to pursue these crooks and it will make things easier if their life is desytoyed and they loose their house and spend a time in the nick.

This is what they have done to a number of hard working decent people who are now bent on revenge when they should be enjoying a new life in a new country.

We didnt ask the Spanish system for much only to be treated with respect and enjoy the protection of the Spanish legal system.

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Chrissie1 said:
01 December 2008 @ 17:57

Here here Andrew. It is very sad that we are all being treated like idiots. Decent hard working people whose only crime is we trusted the spanish system. It just goes on and on. Have you signed the petition yet?


candyfloss said:
03 December 2008 @ 23:13

Just want to wish you luck and hope you will get justice, I can't believe how many people have been ripped off and it really takes the shine off which should be a dreamhome not a house from hell. Good luck to everyone and hope you get justice..

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