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This blog is about the many broken dreams surrounding iether having moved to spain or in the process of moving to Spain. There are many successful moves, however for many it has meant heartbreak through loss of large sums of money and no property or being marooned in an illegal property with no way out.

Illegal builds
23 October 2009

Well its over a year since we heard that the court case for planning crimes was IMMINENT and have just been informed that the court case for planning crimes is now IMMINENT however the state prosecuter has now established the costs of demolishing the site and returning it to rustic.
I am surprised that we the victims in these crimes have not been held responsible for these costs, perhaps I have become slightly cynical re the justice system.
However despite being robbed of a large sum of money that I will be unable to replace we continue to visit Spain and are still looking to make the move (although with a greatly reduced budget) I know from the posts on this and other forums that there are a great many like me and that some have become consumed by the problems faced in terms of a lack of justice.
Try to remain positive its just another lesson learnt on our lifes journey although a very painfull one.
Dont let it destroy your life, your relationships or friendships.
We continue to seek out that elusive bargain and Im sure that we will achieve our goal and hopefully soon.
Look at things in a positive manner, perhaps the dream of moving to Spain was just that a dream, take stock of your life and think of all that you have rather than what you have lost.
We are still here enjoying what life has to offer whilst many are no longer here, how many would gladly have given up their savings to remain amongst the ones that they love.
Remember that the glass is half full not half empty.


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illegal proprties
01 December 2008

Hi, havent posted for a while as Im trying to get on with life, ignoring that I have been robbed of 100,000 euros which is not easy. Reading the other posts on this and other sites brings a little comfort but it always returns to remind us that our dream of a new life in Spain has been removed by a bunch of crooks.

I will continue to pursue these crooks and it will make things easier if their life is desytoyed and they loose their house and spend a time in the nick.

This is what they have done to a number of hard working decent people who are now bent on revenge when they should be enjoying a new life in a new country.

We didnt ask the Spanish system for much only to be treated with respect and enjoy the protection of the Spanish legal system.

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Los LLanos grupo site for demolition
14 June 2008

It would appear that the state prosecutor has indicated that the grupo site at Los llanos is to be demolished and that the a prosecution for planning crimes is imminent.

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Illegal build licences
03 June 2008

I am sure that there are many like us who are caught up in this continuing Saga.
We decided on a property an off plan villa with pool in an area we were assured was unban.
Paid a large deposit with the assurance of the solicitor that this was protected under spanish law and that whatever the circumstance would be safegaurded.
Shortly after this the site was closed down and the build licences legality questioned by the Junta who declared the land was Rustic.
The solicitor say they asked for the required bank gaurantee but the bank did not issue it.
The developer has applied for suspension of payments.
 The agent meantime states that he has every confidence in the developer and then offers no further help.
This dream of living in retirement in a part of Spain we have come to love quickly becomes a living nightmare.
How can this happen to clever articulate people who have asked all the right questions.
Can we see the licence to build?        yes
Is it rustic land?           No
How long has the builder been in operation?        40 years and is highly respected in this area.
What happens if the builder goes bankrupt?      You are protected by spanish law your money has to held in a seperate client account and you get a gurantee from the bank.
These are only a few of the many questions asked but the answers are always the same.
You are protected under spanish law.
I am sure that many similar stories exist. 
I still visit regularly but I am seriously considering whether a move to Spain will be a dream come true or will watching my savings dissapear with nothing to show be a continuing nightmare. 

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