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Our Andalusian Adventure

Our Andalusian Adventure is me trying to let you into our journey from the UK to a small village in the mountains, myself Danni, Paul, our two daughters Olivia and Chloe and our pets Ted the staffie and Duke and Duchess our cats.

All systems go!
24 August 2018 @ 15:09

All of a sudden it was action time, after believing we would be making our way over with a self hire van etc. that all changed when there wasn't any available for three weeks! We then decided to try and find a airline that would fly us all at the same time, 4 people and 2 cats and 1 dog. Thankfully TUI do provide this service and from an airport very close to us. Of course all these changes have costed us significantly more but we had little choice with the school start date ever looming. All of our belongings left this morning with Algarve Removals they pulled out all the stops to get to us within 5 days and the guys that collected it were great. 

We now have no beds, no tvs, no sofas, it's quite odd but it's only for 2 days.

We are now absolutely shattered it's been non stop organising flights and removals, Air Cargo for the animals, endless tip runs, packing boxes i am just going to sleep when we get to Spain. We're all very excited though and just want to get there!! 

I'm hoping my blogs will be more interesting once we have arrived and i have relaxed. Till then ...

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Dave11 said:
25 August 2018 @ 09:16

Have a good trip. I'm sure once you settle in Spain things will be great for you all (no more Brexit rubbish for you - leave that all in the uk).

grapow said:
25 August 2018 @ 09:24

I cannot believe Dave's comment! Is he oblivious to the impact of Brexit on those of us in EU?
Nonetheless I wish you and every OTHER LEGAL expat, well and hope we can preserve our dreams

Dave11 said:
25 August 2018 @ 09:53

Grapow - you read my comment's incorrect (I will expand) - Brexit is the WORST thing to happen. UK should NOT leave the EU. Hope I have explained myself better and you now full understand my view!!!!!!

nancybenn said:
25 August 2018 @ 11:49

Good luck & a safe journey for you all. Looking forward to reading all about your arrival in Spain

DANNI1 said:
25 August 2018 @ 16:18

thanks for your lovely comments xx

jane27 said:
27 August 2018 @ 14:33

Good luck and safe journey x

grapow said:
28 August 2018 @ 23:57

Sorry for the delay but only just caught up with this stream. Not for a second was I suggesting that you were pro Brexit, just challenging the rather simplistic view offered that we won't be affected as Expats in Spain. We are very nervous on the subject of state healthcare in the event of a No Deal Brexit. Doesn't that bother you?

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