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Our Andalusian Adventure

Our Andalusian Adventure is me trying to let you into our journey from the UK to a small village in the mountains, myself Danni, Paul, our two daughters Olivia and Chloe and our pets Ted the staffie and Duke and Duchess our cats.

You've got to have faith
05 July 2018 @ 21:02

I'm still sweltering in heat wave central and after another trip to the vets today i thought it was time to attempt another blog..... The trip to the vets was to give Ted his rabies vaccine, i think it must have stung a bit as he was trying to scratch it after. Bless him. I've been given lots of advice for many things this time - keeping pets cool, freezable bandanas, pet pools, ice mats and ice vests. Being a Staffordshire Bull Terrier they have short hair so very little proptection against the sun. A vest could be an option i suppose, but that could be more for comedic value!!

We took Olivia for a walk around the village with the little yellow google man on Google maps, that seemed to put her mind at ease, seeing the school, the shops and the restaurants. She was particularly interested in the Water Park not far away i must say we all were! Chloe still seems very keen on moving saying today "next month is August" 

It's non stop again from selling many items on eBay, packing all the photos, working at the local Town Hall and helping at Chloe's school. I must say I have volunteered at various places in the past and I do get alot more satisfaction from this than my normal job. Especially now being with the young children, such innocence is something that is endlessly good for the soul. And to be honest as i'm not allowed my mobile it has given me some uninterrupted time out from the never ending lists and organising at home so in turn this has helped keep the stress levels down.

While we are in Spain we will be renting out our UK house and this has gone swimmingly well, we did have an agent set up ready to market our property in July but a couple of weeks ago a friend mentioned that her friend would like to rent our house. They have now viewed the house and have decided it is the one for them. It's funny how sometimes things just work out, you have to have faith and believe that the things you need will come to you. They are a lovely family and the agent has now taken over for all the legal bits. 

Now, back to the important news, the 'World Cup' who has been cheering on England? Tbh it was painful watching parts of the game on Tuesday but I did think they would get through in the end. I mean having bad luck for so long surely it had to change! Now we have Saturday to feel sick and chew our finger nails through. I've decided to invite lots of people over and have a BBQ, I'm hoping it will take the edge off? Who knows it could be our World Cup......

-sorry i still can't rotate the pictures frown(Olivia and Chloe)

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