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Starting out a new life in Spain

This Blog is about my families new life in Spain, nothing more nothing less (Hope those who read it enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed our experience so far)

Uhmmm...what is happening to my Verduras
04 June 2009 @ 11:45 my attempt to become self sufficient I have broken my back working on my veg patch. All my veg has been planted from the Pepinos (which are doign very well) to Peppers and Sweetcorn..BUT my tomatoes are not doing too well. The symptoms are that they flower, and when the flower dies it drops off. There is no miniture tomatoe but a stump where the flower was. So I am now off to my local garden center to get a diagnosis. All this of course just spurs you on further to think of new ways to do things.

Onto other deposito which had a large leak is also now fixed by my excellent builder who employs lots of South Amercians, they it seems are very well versed in the art of fixing depositos. So after having 10,000 litres delivered we now have functioning irrigation and all is well..except for my ailing tomatoes

As we approach the school holidays we are filled with ideas on how to fill their days...its a long old stint but what a summer they will have..pool pool and more pool, god don't I wish I was a child again!!

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Jacqui said:
04 June 2009 @ 17:06

Did you tickle your tomato flowers with a small paint brush to cross pollentate them? It replicates the action of bees flitting from one flower head to another. I believe this is a requirement for you to get the fruit.

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