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Starting out a new life in Spain

This Blog is about my families new life in Spain, nothing more nothing less (Hope those who read it enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed our experience so far)

Wow..first wobbles
08 December 2008 @ 09:03

Well..we have had our first wobble, I am sure there are more to come...

Since we arrived our children have continued to push the boundaries. When we moved out from Ireland they had a certain type of lifestyle and we were happy we could protect them from lifes' ills. Not long after starting school they started to push us hard for more freedoms. They can see the spanish children who live in town playing outside on the weekend after 21:00 and they want to have the same freedom. Our idea is that, given their ages, they should be inside during the winter dark nights with us.

On saturday it was the local trade fair and there was a small land train...the local children were jumping off and on...this was not good, one slip and they were under the wheel. Of course when your children see this they think that they can do this as well.

So on saturday night we had a meet jesus moment and there were lots of raised voices as both my wife and I have to pull the reins in. I think the kids were a little shell shocked by it all and so were we. I think its a good thing to get all these things sorted, though the thought of going back fills me with horrors.

For now things are back and settled and we are now encouraging the kids to do things around the house, reminding them why they cannot run wild and we hope for the best...we have been here only 3 months and I suspect there are more wobbles to come...this first one is simply how we live together...there will be sterner tests ahead of us. When we lived in Ireland it took us 2-3 years to integrate/settle and we have to remember this fact, as things do not happen overnight!

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flogit said:
08 December 2008 @ 14:10

You will have your work cut out. The Spanish children have a lot more freedom and I think are much more mature because of it. I would hope your children mix well with the Spanish and try not to keep themselves fixed into an English speaking circle of friends. We came over here with two children, the eldest being a new teenager and he knew best - Straight into the English crowd, getting too big for his boots and not wanting to settle into the Spanish system at all. He is now back in England for his own good after barely surviving here for five years. The other child was eight, straight into the Spanish system, Spanish friends etc and after a couple of years yes he was out in the street with all the other kids his age until after 10pm. There is always a parent there watching somewhere undercover. Now he is a full blown "Spanish" 14 year old (still with some English attitude which his teachers are trying to beat out of him!!) and hates going back "home" even for a few days. Six years here and already looking at universities and the possibility of getting into teaching once he is old enough. At 14 he already speaks English, Catalan & Spanish, understands German, some French and wants to move on to Italian & Portuguese. Makes me sick!!

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