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House & Holiday Home Insurance in Spain

Allianz insurance

Your home in Spain is an asset. A house represents a big lifetime investment whether you decide to use the property as your own residence, rent it out or indeed sell it. Floods, fires and break-ins, they all happen in Spain and your home in Spain is at risk of all of the above. Protect your investment – a small premium paid now can avoid any future problems. Find out about the different covers available and ensure you select the best plan for you.

One of the most fequently asked questions regarding home insuarance in Spain is:

Q. I am a tentant. Do I need home insurance?

A. As a tenant you need to cover your personal contents and contract third party liability cover. There is no need to cover the building unless you have done any reformation to the house. If you have done any work to the house itself, you would need to do an ‘obras de reforma’ or first loss cover for the sum that the work is worth and this will ensure that you are covered for any changes you have made.

Main Difference from the UK

Most properties are located on urbanizations. All the properties within an urbanization form a community. Most communities have insurance policies to cover public areas and may cover the buildings part of your insurance. However, beware! Many community covers are very basic and you may need additional ‘gap/first loss cover’ to ensure that you are properly protected so prior to making a decision, find out what exactly your community is covered for.

Buildings Insurance

If you looking for buildings insurance please check out the dedicated buildings insurance Spain secion.

Contents Insurance

For more information regarding contents insurance please visit our contents insurance Spain page.

If you have any further questions, please fill in the form on the right to receive a personal quotation.

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