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15 Oct 2012 08:47:

 I have no experience of UK courts other than the efficient small claims system, but I do find dealing with the Spanish legal system v. difficult.  Having purchased an off-plan property in 2004 which has failed to get a licence, we had our 'day in court' in May 2010 - but have yet to find out the results.  Apparently this is normal!

Thread: Is it just the Spanish courts or are the UK ones just as bad?

01 Aug 2009 00:00:

Can any one recommend a reliable company who hire jet skis or keen locals to take a family deep sea fishing?  Mojacar to Vilaricos area . . . . .


Thread: Jet ski/deep sea fishing

27 Jan 2009 13:23:

Thanks, Sunshine.  Although not surprised personally, it is good of you to mention this on this website so that those of us who don't frequent Aguilas regularly are aware.  My only hope, across all affected countries, that this recession separates the wheat from the chaff, leaving a better and more honest commercial system than before.

Thread: Gogo Estates, Aguilas

13 Apr 2008 10:08:

Some 3 1/2 years after paying the deposit on our second property through Gogo we are still in legal discussion about whether the property (in Palomares) has the correct regional legal documents and have not completed yet.  And Gogo?  Not a word from them to help us, despite impassioned pleas.  Sometimes when I ring, they don't even have a record of who we are, despite the fact they pocketed upwards of €25k in commission from us.  Not an organised agency.

Linda, I agree, was a huge assistance but left as the sale on our first property completed in June 2006 and we struggled through the after sales snagging process ourselves.  Thank goodness I have an(ever improving) knowledge of the spanish language, otherwise we would have been in the deep and nasty.

Awful when family relationships take a dive, Amogles.  I feel for you.

Thread: Gogo Estates, Aguilas

30 Jan 2008 07:51:

Sorry folks, and thank you Morerosado for pushing me into completing my profile.

So glad the changed name didn't change the review.  Los dos Mars (as we know it in the family) are popular but we have never had to book, not even on New Year Day.  Anyone got a real translation?

Other restaurants consistently good in the area, Noreen, in our own opinion are:

The chiringuito on the beach at Palomares just before the Repsol Garage.  This one is particularly good, although we've yet to find a bad one in the summer anywhere.

Fanny's at the top of Mojacar Pueblo

Argentinian in Garrucha though it is 'English' expensive and the steaks at Fanny's are as good but half the price.

And there is a great restaurant by the roundabout in San Juan de los Terreros whose name is escaping me at the moment, but is something like Casa Pepe.

Sorry, work stress getting the better of my Spanish brain!

All the best you lucky people out there permanently.  Roll on the kids completing their exams in the UK!!


Thread: Al Mar El Mar


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