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15 Sep 2013 16:52:

Hi Guys,

We currently live in the Orihuela Costa area. We are returning to the UK for good next month as things have not gone to well for us this year. 

My Partner and I currently have Green Resident Cert's which makes us Tax Resident here. I need to revert this status back to non-resident as we will no longer live in Spain.

I know how to remove us from the padron and return our SIP cards but unsure how to change our status.

Does anyone have any experiance in doing this? Any help would be appreciated.



Thread: Returning Resident Cert

18 May 2012 15:34:

Thanks John,

That explains things alot better for me. So I understand when and when for I should be filing the return.

I would assume as I had income in Spain in 2008 (tax return should have been filed May/June 2009) and some income during 2009 (tax return should have been filed May/June 2010)? is that correct.

I am going to seek advice and appoint an accountant, just wanted to get as much information as possible before hand.



Thread: Tax Return Help & Deregister in UK

18 May 2012 15:26:

Think I have managed to sort the UK side out. All I need to do is to fill in a P85 form and send it back along with my P45 from the UK. This should inform HRSC I have left. I do not need to fill in any other forms as I have no income from the UK now. They will then refund any overpaid TAX.

HRSC said then if I register at the local Spanish tax office by doing my tax return this should register me as a tax paying resident in Spain.

Does this sound correct?

Thread: Tax Return Help & Deregister in UK

17 May 2012 20:13:

Hi Guys,

You may remember my post in regards to renewing my green EU residance cert, as I was moving back to Spain.

I am now back in Spain, have renewed all my documents, registered on the padron and have opened new resident Spainish back accounts. We both have jobs and work contracts for social security.

My next question is (as I know this is the time of year that you have to do it) about Tax Returns and what i need to do to inform HRSC I now live in Spain? and how do I file the tax return for this year?

As John had previously pointed out I should have filed a tax return for the previous years since becoming a resident (August 2008) I actually left Spain in Oct 2009 althought stupidly i thought that did not need to hand the Green Cert back! Arrived back here May 2012.

I want to 100% by the book and get this sorted, so would appreciate any help. I thought the best thing to do would be to file this years return (will be my first) and then file the back returns?



Thread: Tax Return Help & Deregister in UK

21 Apr 2012 13:40:

Thanks again mate.

Hopefully this will help others too, as no doubt there are other people in the same boat

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