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04 Jan 2013 09:20:

Yes we did.

It took over two years. We claimed from the bank on the guranatee that they had provided for our stage payments but they turned out to be as dodgy as the developers. We instructed lawyers and issued proceedings against the bank. We lost the action in the court at Cuenca (where the headquaters of the bank happens to be) but, fortified by the advice from our layers, we were not satisifed that the decision was correct - and that is being polite. We took it to appeal and won. A few months later they repaid the principal sum but with no interest or legal costs (contrary to the court ruling) so we had to continue our action against them and they finally paid up. Third world banking in Western Europe.

What is your situation? If I can help I will.


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30 Jul 2010 15:49:


Congratulations (and to Maria and team). Pariticularly encouraging for those that haven't a bank guarantee.

When you have received your deposit money and interest/ costs would you post again please - some of us have won our cases and haven't received deposits yet and many wait over one year for their interest and costs.


Thread: Bank Guarantee - Case won and money returned - Maria & Costa Luz Lawyers

21 Jul 2010 11:56:


If so much action is required in order to agree legal costs and interest one could see a third action taking place after the award: costs involved in pursuing the costs! (just joking).


Thread: Case Won and Money Returned - Maria & Costa Luz Lawyers

21 Jul 2010 09:03:

Kelju and Mark

Thanks for the (semi) encouragement. For some reason we are being told that we need to wait until interest and costs are agreed with the court before any money (including deposit) are returned. The two weeks we were advised has now become four weeks and from what you guys have said we will have to wait a few months. In fact neither have you have received your interest or costs yet.


Thread: Case Won and Money Returned - Maria & Costa Luz Lawyers

25 Jun 2010 18:32:



Just want to say that we lost our case against CCM bank in respect of a claim under a bank guarantee provided by them for a development at Nueva Ribera that went bust. The appeal case was heard on 21 April and we have just heard that we won it (plus interest plus costs). We now await payment.

Could you tell me how long it was between judgement and payment in your case?

Please don't stop communicating on these forums just because you received settlement. We need to help the others. I certainly am not. Indeed I am going to be as big a thorn in the side of the Spanish banking system as Spanish law allows.





Thread: Case Won and Money Returned - Maria & Costa Luz Lawyers


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