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Soy... una mujer

Sobre mi... Have lived in Spain for almost 20 years - and love it.

Vivo en... Riviera del Sol, Mijas Costa, CDS

Me gusta... LIFE.....plus a bit of ....... gardening, food - cooking and eating plus the wine to go with it!

Trabajo de... Have decided on early retirement and now actively volunteer for The Royal British Legion in Spain - very rewarding

Mi firma en el foro es...


www.losarqueros.iowners.net  and www.calahondapark.iowners.net

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02 Nov 2013 08:59:

Perhaps you could try asking at your nearest golf club ... the one near me use petrol carts for the maintenance staff to get around on

Thread: Road legal golf buggies in Spain

16 Jan 2013 12:50:

Now SOLD to Miket

Thank you

Thread: Orange Gas Bottle = Mijas Costa

01 Dec 2012 09:24:

Hi All ........ now the cold weather has arrived ............

I have 2 empty orange gas bottle surplus to requirements -

10 euro each or both for 15 euro

In Riviera del Sol - Mijas Costa

Thread: Orange Gas Bottle = Mijas Costa

23 Jul 2012 19:03:

Now I see a delay has been introduced ..........www.typicallyspanish.com/news/publish/article_35281.shtml

Seems they have added a few other sneaky bits too!!

Like ..................There are some items and services being moved to the top rate - glasses and contact lenses, cinema, hairdresser, discotheques, theatre, health products, funerals and cleaning services will move from 8% to 21%.
Oh joy!!!!

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Thread: IVA Hike

03 Jul 2012 19:27:

Just got back from a trip along the A7 .... and used the new, all singing, all dancing, San Pedro Tunnel.

Lovely ........... and no traffic queues anywhere ....... amazing

Thread: San Pedro Tunnel


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