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29 Apr 2020 09:59:

Good morning, 

I suspect that if you terminate all of your utility suppliers you may have to pay charges to connect up new ( or the same) suppliers when you decide to return next year. Those charges can be hefty and  delays at banks  in changing direct debits between suppliers is not unknown. As an alternative you might want to look into reducing the costs of those utilities by reducing where you can the 'potencia' which makes up most of the monthly bill when not occupied. This is particularly relevant to electricity supply and it should be itemised in your bill. My supplier is Iberdrola and it can be done over the phone. 



Thread: Apartment shutdown

12 Apr 2019 10:00:

What a revelation........ " I had lived in Europe before 1972 and understood the European Project. I’m not sure many Belgians or even Germans understood it let alone the Brits who were being sold the EEC on a false economic ticket which led to the UK crawling to the IMF just five years later."

The word "led" fascinates me.

I can still remember the happy sunlit days years  between 1970 and 1974 - being sent home from school because of power cuts,  strikes, three day weeks, my mother cheerfully queing to buy candles, the collapse of most of UK heavy industry, the oil crisis in 1974 and rampant inflation. 

I had absolutely no idea that it was our membership of the EEC that caused the near bankruptcy of UK plc and not the aforementioned. My eyes have been opened to the light after all of these years.

I wonder where I can buy my own pair of rose tinted glasses?




Thread: Is the EU responsible for Brexit chaos

09 Aug 2018 09:30:


I assume that you are permanently resident in the UK? My suggestion is that you would need to travel to where your parents are , having previously arranged to see a local lawyer to draw up the power of attorney. You can do various searches on line to find english speaking lawyers in the locality and the lawyer should spell out what you would need to produce in terms of proof if identity etc. When buying a house in Spain I appointed by a local  lawyer  as Attorney on my behalf and I recall a number of legal appointments with a lawyer and later a Notary who authenticated the PoA in Spain. The PoA should give you everything you need to run things but you will need a spanish speaking contact you can trust to translate stuff etc. This could be performed on your behalf by your appointed lawyer, but that will cost you. Perhaps there might be a friend of your parents locally who might be able to help out a bit with translation etc?

Thread: Power of attorney for my elderly parents - can anyone help?

09 Nov 2017 10:24:



A good outcome . Hope all goes well moving in etc.

Thread: Can't complete on time. Can the contract be extended?

07 Nov 2017 10:15:

Does the lawyer act for both you and the seller? This is quite common in Spain and if so I would invite the lawyer to speak to the seller and agree a deferral without any penalty in terms of any additional fees. I can only speak from my experience of buying a property in Spain and one of the  first things I was asked to do was execute a POA to enable the lawyer to do a lot of the legal and admin functions involved eg entering into a binding contract, dealing with the mortgage fomalities and sorting out utility supplies. I don't know the history of your transaction but it sounds to me that the request for the PoA has come rather later in the day and that has led to the delay, although due primarily to the UK Notary.


If you are separately represented you should still ask the lawyer to contact the sellers lawyer and the point about the lateness of the delivery of the POA is still relevant .


I agree with Inspectorhome - if all else fails you would have to get on a plane and sort it in person. If you are doing that you would need to make sure the lawyer had arranged an appointment with a Spanish Notary  that day to complete the POA and sign anything else needed . In Spain, Notaries ( senior  solicitors) have a stranglehold over real estate transactions and a Notary will be  required to sign off the transaction as well as , in this case, authenticating a fresh PoA if that is ultimately needed.

Thread: Can't complete on time. Can the contract be extended?


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